The City: Fashion and Fun!!!

“Give me them bright lights long nights!!! Party till the sun is Rising”…

When Whitney Port first decided to leave The Hills it didn’t phase me much. I mean we never got to see her personal side on the show, it was always at dinner or at work for Whit so I really didn’t think I’d miss her much. It wasn’t until the following season I felt the brunt of missing Whitney on the show. She was always the focused one, goal oriented and smart and quiet the most decent side kick Lauren Conrad ever had (well, at least on the show). As much as I missed Whitney on The Hills I wasnt to fond of the whole idea of “The City”. What could the Whitney we all knew from “The Hills” bring to the screen for a highly rated show? Neitherless I really got into the first season and started liking the show. (Note to self: Add one more show to my “To Watch” list). Now we’re on season 3 and avid followers like myself must admit that we cant get enough of The City clan. Okay maybe I’m a little over Olivia shady ways, but her sense of style wins over everything. Finally theres a reality show on tv that I can relate to. An inside scoop on the fashion industry…stuff you can’t learn in school but through experience is on a tv screen. Ok… ok… Blah Blah Blah! Did you see the season premier last week? “The fashions” were so exciting… Whitney’s style has elevated since her tv debut, I couldnt help but gush over every sense. And Olivia’s style is just impeccable.

Olivia Palermo (Elle Accessories Editor)

I’ve created this set for anyone trying to incoperate Olivia and Whitney’s style to their daily wardrobe. Hope this serves as inspiration for you to look your best! Whitney is best known for her comfortable pastel staples and Olivia is more glam.


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Look Of The Day: Sarah Jessica Parker

Marchesa’s designs are officially red carpet friendly. While the girl’s from Sex and The City make their rounds promoting the highly anticipated movie set to hit theatres in May, The Chic Report’s new favorite designer (in the gown department that is) kept Sarah Jessica Parker looking gorgeous in a flirty black cocktail from the Fall 2010 collection. This look gets her “Look Of The Day”…
Sarah Jessica Parker in Marchesa.
Marchesa Fall 2010 Presentation

It was an honor to be part of the Marchesa team for Fashion Week, I truly love her designs and definately look forward to many more seasons. What do you think about SJP’s look? Let me know…COMMENT and FOLLOW.

Look of The Day: Rihanna

Happy Birthday to Rihanna plus she’s getting the “Look Of The Day” award from TheChicReport! Love the peach dress and white accessories! Only Ri can pull it off! Love the look…simple, chic and classy… what do you think?


Look Of The Week

And the look of the week goes to…. (Drum Roll Please)Thats right… Beyonce! The “female version of a hustla” was spotted in Canned looking Oh so cute and daring in her studded punk/vintage inspired ensemble. She looks gorgeous from head to toe, acid washed blazer, her new bangs, studded leggings, plus the bold red lips… enough said… I love Bey.

Looks Im Loving: Ciara’s "Little Black Dress"

Look of the Day!
A few posts ago I stressed the importance of having the versatile “Little Black Dress” as a staple in your closet. The timeless piece is an essential for a fashionista-on-a-budget, someone whose creative and like I said its cosigned by “June Ambrose” AGAIN Read Effortless Style.
One of my adventures on the quest of making this blog the best fashion + website to ever hit the web (work in progress) I’ve decided to do a “Look of the Day/Week” entry in order to help readers with their wardrobe choices. Ciara’s fashion game is excalating, I’m not sure if its her new hair do; those soft curls and flowing extention pieces or her new toned perfect body. Whichever it is I am loving her choices thats why I’ve decided to give CiCi “Look of the Day”. Chic Report APPROVED!

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Looks Im Loving

Looks of the Week
Chanel Iman’s ensemble is always super chic, trendy and classy but this look stands out because of the makeup she’s wearing. I love the colors Chanel has going on, its very rare that you find Chanel with heavy makeup unless its a shoot, red carpet or runway. She’s a pretty girl nonethe less, but this look is working for her.

As you all know Rihanna’s R Rated album was released this week and ofcourse her album release party was right around that same time. I adore the dress she’s wearing, its simple from the first glance but if you look at the detailing its rick with spiky embelishments adding edgy to her simple yet sophisticated look. Notice Ri Ri isnt wearing accessories just a pair of barely visible earrings. Oh how can I forget BOLD RUBY RED LIPS, cute! Ladies take note!