Lauren Conrad LA Candy "Sweet Little Lies"

When Lauren Conrad tweeted last year that she was coming out with a book 2, I got really excited. For those wondering “who the hell…” LC was the star of the hit MTV reality show “The Hills” and unlike all her cast mates she was the good girl (besides Whitney who left a season prior) with her eyes on the prize. Because of Lauren we went backstage at every fashion show/ event and showed us rookies what to expect as an intern in the industry. Last year she came out with her first novel “LA Candy” a narrative on young hollywood drama. I really enjoyed the first book and was disappointed with the end….well not merely disappointed per say but it left me in much suspense. (Duhhh…thats the objective of an author) Despite what people are saying about her, I support everyone with potential and drive and I would urge most of my readers to pick up the book…. its not what you’re thinking, its nothing about her life or a biography. Im excited about “Sweet Little Lies”, cant wait to see what happens to connivating Madison smh “This is why you need to get the book lol”… FYI she also has a style book coming soon. Keep you posted!

Give Chris and Rihanna A Break…

A few posts ago I promised never to comment on the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna drama, at least on my blog. At the time (even know) I think the entire situation with Rihanna and Chris was overrated and not worth giving an opinion anymore because the fact of the matter remained. He committed an act of domestic violence against his then girlfriend entertainer like himself Rihanna so the media and their supporters were in a frenzy. I mean what else would you expect to happen when two entertainers at the peak of their career didn’t show up at one of the biggest award shows for on national tv “The Grammy’s”? especially when they are expected to perform. So during the last few months the two came back into the public eye when Chris made his court dates and Rihanna held her daily New York street side fashion shows. Let me tell you, I’m in NO situation to judge but I did!!! When I found out about the two I immediately hoped on my bed for height and ripped Chris Brown’s poster off my wall. I mean really, one with Angela Simmons from Word Up magazine and the other with just him. Silly right? I removed his music off my ipod and I had the most despicable things to say about him. A few months down the road I looked back and I thought to myself. Yes this dude did something really bad! Something that we may forgive but not forget but did I really have to go that far? If Chris is talented and I loved his style and music, why did I become such a hypocrite or did I do it just for show? So, slowly the Chris Brown songs were syncing back to my touch and I got acquainted with the Breezy we all knew and loved before he flipped out on Rihanna.

The courts saw it necessary to assign Chris community service and the rants and raved continues. So what should he really do with his life, this amazing voice and his career? Sit back every day frowning, crying and hitting himself in the head? We’ve all made mistakes as big as they are, but do we carry the load and all this baggage on our shoulders everyday? Like do you really not go to work for the rest of your life or lets tone it down a week, or two months because of mistake? Celebrities are human beings also, when he gyrates on stage, sweats and fly over the crowd in a harness that’s his bread. That’s how he eats and takes care of his family. So right now what would you suggest he does? Stay in hiding and not make music or get back to work? By now I’m sure you’ve guest right! YES I heard the interview he did with Angie Martinez on Hot 97. He has all the right to be mad at Oprah, I understood was she was trying to do but at the end of the day Chris is still human. Yes, I am still disappointed in him for what he did, and Yes I am going to support his work!

I heard Rusian Roulette for the first time yesterday and to be honest I don’t think it was that bad as everyone said. Even this no career 16 year old Tiffany Evans. I bet you’re wondering who that is right? MY POINT EXACTLY! If you follow me on twitter I’ve said it more than once that I am not amped about certain things Princess RiRi does e.g. the half blond half bald look. Will I support her album YES!

I am a firm believer in forgiving and forgetting. Giving people a chance to suffer from their actions learn from it, then dusk themselves and move on. And Let those who have not sin CAST THE FIRST STONE!

Making The Band Season 5

Making The Band 4 (Season 3)MTV Shows

I Love Danity Kane, but this is reality. Look at this if Shanon comes back they could become the next Destiny’s Child. Remember how they started with 5 girls and ended up with 3??? Lets keep our fingers crossed for a good season.
Episode 2 this Thursday
Stay Tuned LOL