The Nude Lip

I love a nude lip but it has to be the right swatch and the right texture. I also love when makeup looks so effortless, fresh and clean. I’m a color fanatic but The Chic Report wont endorse walking around with clown makeup. Its the summer time and as our clothes gets brighter our makeup needs to be as toned down as possible. We’ve posted tips and insights on the famous Red/ Purple/ Orange Lip but now its time for a more refined look. Want this look? Here are a few tips:
1. A CLEAN FACE, and by that I do not mean just a dab of neutrogena a rinse and then call it a day. Tyra showed us how to clean the lip with petroleum jelly and an old soft bristol toothbrush to remove excess skin from the surface of your lip. Try it, it works.
2. CONTOUR. A great linning is essential. A dab of concealer will help.
3. PICK THE RIGHT SWATCH. The color of your skin doesnt mean the color of your skin. Whatever hue you try on has to look as natural as possible. For instance someone whose dark in complexion may have a lighter or in my case pink lip surface. Try multiple colors and cosmetic brands to find the right lipstick.
My Pick: MAC Modesty

I love this! After applying I add a little tint to give it the “look du jour”.

Chic Beauty Pick: MAC Loose Golden Bronzer

I’m very particular with what types makeup I use and I absolutely love M.A.C products. I watched a tutorial online recently and one of the products the makeup artist used to add her finishing touches to the model was this golden loose bronzer from MAC … With the results of the before and after shoots I headed to the MAC Counter at Macy’s the next day to get the product. A simple yet sultry golden freshness is what I saw after applying this bronzer lightly to all the spots where the sun naturally shines, the forehead, nose, cheeks etc. Bronzer is a must have in any makeup kit regardless of the brand, texture, or color. This particular bronzer brings out a warm natural glow to your skin and its important that you apply it adequately. With the right short fluffy brush from your collection apply light powder blowing off excess powder. Too much bronzer applied to the face will leave you looking extra shiny, too golden therefore it wont match your skin tone. If you’re looking for products to add to your makeup kit then give the MAC GOLDEN LOOSE BRONZER a try. You will love it!

Retails at $22.00 at MAC stores/ counters and online.