Couture Entertainment

Entertainers are definately letting their haute creative juice flow with their recent couture inspired themes for their shoots. Like seriously, I dont think I can ever shun metalics, lace flourishes, crystals, sequins, chains or satins because they definately make me happy. Its a great thing when the entertainment industry embrace fashion and comprehend its art. Not only does it boost their image but the smallest uncountable things like album sales and appearances. Who ever said you cant judge a book by its cover is in hiding! With that being said look out for “Telephone” divas Gaga and Beyonce while they’re leave their hearts and their heads on the dance floor. The newest Barbie off the shelf Nicki Minaj on the cover of Right On! (styling by Fatima B) and Kelis while she recalaims her crown from Rihanna…(lol…)

Behind The Scenes with Bey and Lady Gaga

Bey and Gaga brings their Video Phone fanatics behind the scenes!

Beyonce ft Lady Gaga "Video Phone"

The Much Anticipated “Video Phone” Watch below

Wow!!! Beyonce is a FREAK!!!!!! Infact this is definately Sasha Fierce…WOW!!!!

Beyonce ft LadyGaga "Video Phone" Remix

I Love Me Some Bey…
So last Fashion Week during Kimora Lee’s after party the deejay blessed us with Beyonce’s “Video Phone”, this was my first time listening to the track at a party and I felt good about it. I started playing it at work and everyone thought I was foolish for loving video phone. Now as she’s coming with the remix and people cant wait for this BeyGaGa collabo. We dont have the video but we have the soundtrack. Listen here …

I love Bey! I cant wait… Note a Beyonce and Solange post back to back Lol that wasnt my intention but hey!

Rihanna Vs Gaga Vs Bey

Battle of the Pop Diva’s
Remember when 50 and Kanye went head to head to see who would sell more albums, that is Graduation and Curtis; both albums by rap prodigies were released on the same day September 11th 2007? Dispite certain allegations Graduation obviously came out victorious selling more records than Curtis. Well November 23rd is battle of the Pop Diva’s. Lady Gaga’s “The Fame: Monster” and Rihanna’s “The wait is over” will be hitting stores on the same day. Both pop sensations carries a unique sound and a huge fan base as their backbone. The question however is Who Will Sell More Albums, send the volumes sky high and claim the title pop princess? Let’s add more fuel to the fire! Last year on November 23rd the Queen of Pop that is none other than Mrs Carter aka Beyonce Knowles dropped her third studio album a double disc record “I Am …Sasha Fierce” which ranked number one on the sales chats going 3x platinum. Can Rihanna sell out Beyonce with the publicity …I mean controversy surrounding the Chris Brown situation? or Lady Gaga who is re releasing her album? This would be interesting…I guess we all have to wait and see.

Lady Gaga’s New Hair + "Bad Romance"

Outlandish head pieces may be Gaga’s signature but who says she cant give it a break and still look fierce? The pop sensation proved that under her exaggerated weaves is a full head of hair that looks cute, I must add. Take a look …

In more Lady Gaga news, she released her new video “Bad Romance” one of the singles off her album “The Fame:Monster” hitting stores November 23rd. Take a look…

Lady Gaga creeps me out sometimes lol, I dont know…is it just me or is she “creative”? What do you think?

Lavender Lips

Stricking new beauty trends hit the streets, red carpets and runways every season. Its up to us to make note of it! You call it beauty I take it up one notch and call it Beaute Du Jour! I’m really loving lavender lips right now, whether its dark or lightly shaded…Check these out

Letoya Luckett


Lady Gaga
Here’s where you could find Lavender Lips
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