Sleep and Relaxation….

When I was younger I thought a nighttime was a part of the day when outdoors were strictly forbidden, I thought the era from Dusk to Dawn was haunted and if I looked out I would be taken and eaten up by the “Boogie Man”. I thought nighttimes would never end and that the sun took Oh so Long to shine upon my head for play time. Naive and innocent I’m I entering a world with no responsibilities but to learn the facts of life. You know, how to solve a simple math problem or in science watching the life of a red bean evolve into a plant over a week. I thought that was all there was to a day. Waking up at 7 am going to bed at 9pm and this viciously repeated cycle. Until we’re grown we never know or fully realize how important a “good night rest” means. I simply took for granted from day to passing day how much sleeping has really meant and how it played a role in my up-bringing. I can testify to the fact that when taking classes fulltime,interning, co curricular activities and working retail to have a stable savings account, the phrase “good night sleep” is officially forbidden from my vocabulary. Over the past few days, weeks or even months I have learnt to appreciate the importance of sleep and relaxation. I literally stayed up the entire Friday night editing She-blogs myspace and adding posts to my personal chic blog. I never realized how sunrise could crip up in just a blink of an eye. The after effects? Dont even ask LOL
I may have looked like I’ve been suffering from pink eye, a terrible flu and a mental disease the day after, but this experience has taught me alot. Sleep is essential for a persons health and well-being. Many people including myself do not get enough sleep or suffer from a lack of sleep. Moodiness and disinhibition are some of the first signs I experiences from lack of sleep. Studies shows that if a sleep-deprived person doesn’t sleep after these initial signs, the person may then start to experience apathy, slowed speech and flattened emotional responses, impaired memory and an inability to be novel or multitask. As a person gets to the point of falling asleep, he or she will fall into micro sleeps(5-10 seconds) that cause lapses in attention, nod off while doing an activity like driving or reading and then finally experience hypnagogic hallucinations. SO from today on I will sleep as much as possible and forget breaking my records lol lol lol