Fall/Winter Essentials: Neutral Cashmere Sweater

One of the best things I love about shopping for the frigid temperatures is knowing that some of your key    pieces will last  for a few more seasons. Lets face it, I’m sure we all have that one dress, shirt or shoe for the past six years that absolutely nothing would make us get rid of it. Nothing screams stylish, warm and comfy more than a clean cut cashmere sweater. Cropped, crew and turtle necks are some of my favorite types of sweaters that I try to add a new twist to revamp its look. While we’re in the midst of reigning bold neutrals in particular beige, creme and off-white hues, stylista’s Rihanna and Olivia Palermo shows you how to wear a neutral cashmere. Detailing and accessorizing adds a dash of excitement to any boring staple. The Chic Notebook’s shopping tip for this Fall/Winter essential is durability. Remember bargain shopping can be fun and easy but it’s also good to invest in that one item that wont wear or tear.


Chic Pick: Whitney Eve Mini Dress For Outdoor Summer Wedding.

Its wedding season and I know some of my dearest readers are looking for the cute “it dress” to attend that outdoor wedding festivities. Upcoming designer and my favorite City girl Whitney Port is definitely leaving her mark on this industry. I love this dress because its simple yet bold and the flattering black and gold fabric makes it even more fashionable and daring. This is a selection from Whitney Eve’s Spring 2010 collection. Although its sold out on the site, you can use this as inspiration to find your next chic piece.

Patriotic Chic

Unlike many I do not have any definite plans for the 4th of July celebrations. I’ve been throwing out ideas but truly my plans are always so fragile that I decided to live in the “spur of the moment”. Well its the weekend of major festivities, fireworks, barbeque’s, the beach/pool, rooftop shindigs, and amusement parks all in efforts to show patriotism, or for some just time off  and I can’t stress further how imperative it is to look your best. Despite the occasion I hope you find inspiration in the sets I’ve designed below. The Chic Report just made the colors of the American Flag cool.
1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
3Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

What are your plans for fourth of July weekend? and what will you be wearing? Let us know below!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

D.I.Y: Distressed Denim Cutoffs

Casual jeans shorts are fun flirtatious staples you should include to your “summer must have list” this season. I’m pretty sure some of you fashionistas are way ahead of me with this one due to the extremely beautiful weather that have graced the surface these last few weeks. I’m all for comfortable, versatile, stylish yet affordable pieces so there is an option for everyone. Some of you may be thinking well… “The Chic Report shorts are not for me, so I will pass on this summer must have”. Wait! Hmmm… Hold Up! Who said? The key to a successful ensemble is creativity. So you know that old Levis jeans you have folded in the back of your closet, grab a pair scissors and get to work. D.I.Y!!! Have fun with it, thread the edges, fold them, remove pockets, add denim patches. Need I say more?
This post is dedicated to the fashionista-on-a-budget. Here are four simple steps to acquiring this staple without visiting your local retailer.
1. Get a pair of denim which is no longer in use. In this case I used an old pair of  Light Washed Low Rise Flare jeans with light whiskers that I haven’t worn in a while.
2. Lay denim out on flat surface ironing out the creases if its necessary.
Make sure you use a sharp pair of scissors while cutting one side of the folded denim.
3. Cut off the other half of the denim making sure that its straight on both sides.
4. From here on its up to you to figure out the finishing touches. I fold the edges of my jeans and have decided that I cant do much since I love soft whiskers.
For those who don’t mind a little retail therapy H and M, Zara and American Eagle houses a variety of denim cut offs. For the heavier set ladies you may want to buy these a few inches longer in a darker hue. If you’re not the type to show of your beautiful curves then I would suggest a boyfriend/ slouchy fit.
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Summer Must Have: Cropped Tee’s

The Chic Report  is back with another summer must have for all you stylish readers out there. There’s nothing more comforting in apparel than the old classic tee. Its up to us to re invent and revamp each season. This summer cropped tee’s are really strong in the ready to wear department. Have trouble figuring out what to wear to the family barbecue, a comfortable outfit to go shopping or night at the movies with the besties then throw on a cropped tee. Add accessories or play your look down by choosing nautical trends, a cute graphic or sheer for a clean relaxed look. they’re simple, cute and comfortable. TopShop, Zara and H and M have these on demand!

cropped tee'sFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Cropped Tee'sFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

How would you wear your cropped tee’s this season? Let us know…

Summer Must Haves: Rompers

Happy Memorial Day…Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday whether you went out to a picinic, barbeque or relaxed at home I’m sure you are very excited about the hot summer days approaching. Have trouble figuring out what to add to your shopping list? Dont worry The Chic Report is here to save you! There are fabulously afforable must have staples and key pieces appropriate for summer. A great statement this season is the retired romper. Its back and more fashionable than ever. Take a look at the sets below.
1. Never forget to accessories however in some cases less is more…

romperFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

2. Whether its mixed, digital, animal or tribal print add some pattern to your wardrobe.

romper3Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

3. Ever heard the “All-denim-everything” if you have a hard time putting denim pieces together then the light acid wash romper makes it easier.

romper4Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

4.Floral is the new black! Like patterened garments floral prints are vibrant this season. Play with your look adding dash of colors to your wardrobe

floral 8Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

CHIC PICK: The Abstract Scarf / Pashmina

I’ve always been a sucka for a bright patterned pashmina during the Spring/ Summer and Fall. I cant live without them. A scarf can do so many things to uplift or transform a simple sophisticated look. So you want the ultimate “look du jour” and accessories are one of you main options. However, you would like to accomplish the look without the use of chunky necklaces, chains, crystals or beads then a patterned pashmina is the way to go. The best thing about this staple is that you have a variety of options depending on your style. Fringe, floral, tribal / digital prints or a solid hue are my favorite options. Basic boyfriend cut jeans, sandals, a v neck white tee and a bright patterned pashmina would be the ultimate “look du jour”.
I really love the fringed scarf below. Not only is it bold and bright it completes the look from head to toe. H and M is home of the abstract pashmina/scarf.

Celebs spotted wearing abstract scarfs.

Sarah Jessica Parker in bright pink scarf. I love how she played risky with her outfit. Each piece plays a different role in color that way the scarf falls right in place.

Hilary Duff has an exceptional sense of style which I love. This dark floral scarf is a must have.

Zoe Saldana brings it down a notch with a small/thinner yet outlandish version of the “it” scarf. I really love how it accents her outfit as well as her nude makeup.

How do you feel about the abstract scarf/pashmina as a key wardrobe staple? How many do you own? These are just a few I found while writing this post… trust me I doubt its even half. lol I get one everytime I go shopping, let me rephrase everytime I enter a store. (Sorry for my horrible display).