BRITS Awards Red Carpet

The Brit Awards took place this week and as usual I’m here to ditch on my favorite red carpet moments. I didnot see the award show, but thank heavens for the world wide web I can successfully view the red carpet appearances. Ok so yeah I know Lady Gaga is on my list and usually she isnt. We all know Lady Gaga is unique so lately I’m not surprised by anything she wears….She’s unique in her own way. But Leona Lewis metalic one shoulder frock and pink pumps is perfect. Love the look Lilia Alen is so pretty! Just adore the black with bold embellishments tres-glam.

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Deola Sagoe Designer Exhibiton

Not everyone who shares some sort of interest in the fashion industry recieves invites to designer shows at the tents. I mean ofcourse, thats understood this is why it mentains its value but I’m sure designers would love for everyone to see their collections especially the up and coming. Arise Magazine is an African publiction hosting shows for upcoming as well as established african/african American designers during New York Fashion Week. Last week Saturday three up-and-coming African brands, Black Coffee, Deola Sagoe and Loin Cloth and Ashes took Byrant Park by storm showing off their creative cultural achievements in such a global setting. I remembered last year Fall 2009 shows ARISE was my first show at the tents and my first time ever being backstage and all of a sudden I look to my left and Grace Jones (yes…the Grace Jones) was standing next to me. #faints. This is where I fell in love with African designers and went back to work their show for the Spring 2010 collections where I met and saw some amazing people. I was disappointed however this time around because I thought Niomi Campell’s Fashion for Releit: Haiti was scheduled at the time time as ARISE. (#dont
I recieved an invite from Deola Sagoe’s PR people to come in to LOFT on 5th to view the collection during the exhibition and I immediately grabbed the oppurtunity. The sole purpose of the exhibition was so that people who didnot make it to the show could have a chance to view the collection up close and have a chance to meet the designer herself.  I fell in love with a few pieces from the collection especially its metalic and lace flourishes, embroided slim pants, statement shoulders and embroided appliques. Nigeran designer Deola Sagoe may have made her Mercedez Benz Fashion Week debut on Saturday but this creative genius holds quite a resume. With numerous awards, nominations and appointings including one by Andre Leon Talley of US VOGUE (read for bio) Deola Sagoe is proving herself as one of the Africa’s top designers and have previously showcased on the runway her collection along side world renowned fashion houses such as Chanel Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren. (thats huge) Here’s a look at the pieces from the exhibition …
I absolutely adore these pieces. The details are top notch! What do you think? For more of Deola Sagoe click the link above to view her official website.
(Excuse a few of my pics…took them with my personal camera)

Beauty: Vintage Red Lips

HEY! Happy Saturday!!! There’s a new contributor in town to ditch everything beauty… get familair with the name Megan McCormick! Dont forget to give feedback! I’m excited are you???

Look of The Day: Rihanna

Happy Birthday to Rihanna plus she’s getting the “Look Of The Day” award from TheChicReport! Love the peach dress and white accessories! Only Ri can pull it off! Love the look…simple, chic and classy… what do you think?


New York Fashion Week: Fall 2010 Betsey Johnson

Whats a comeback on a straw runway??? You call it pushing the envelope but the fashion savvy calls it Betsey Johnson. She made her comeback to the tents this Fall and definitely didn’t disappoint the mass… Betsey’s inspiration behind the collection and her runway decor is self explanatory, take a look…

What do you think about the collection? More NYFW updates coming up!

New York Fashion Week: Fall 2010 Custo Barcelona

Hi fam, can’t believe we’re already on Day5 of New York Fashion Week. WOW! I must say that the best thing with working backstage at shows (for writers/bloggers) is that you get to feel and see the garments before they hit the runway, that way its much better to give an acturate review compared to sitting front row. (FYI…I still envy all the editors, press, celebs and stylist gracing front row seats lol). So yesterday evening the Custo Barcelona label took Bryant Park by storm, cute models and perfect stylish fall ensembles with an arcade of international celebrities. What I really loved about the collection was that everything had color, bold prints, furs and embellished fabrics were key staples. A few looks were edged with bold geometrics and fur lined boots. The backstage Maybelline crew did a perfect job with hair and makeup so soft and effortless as the models prepared for first looks. The Custo Barcelona model crew was young and diversed so they definately brought fun to the runway. These are a few looks from lastnight’s show…..

Great stuff… Its another Fashion Day and duty calls so I’m on my way to Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Show!

Fashion Week Review: DAY 1

I cannot begin this post without acknowledging the lost of one of Fashion’s most greatest icons Alexander McQueen. Died at age 40 at the height of his career will be remembered for his artisitic thematic statements made on runways, billboards, magazines and on the skin of the world’s greatest celebrities. R.I.P Alexander and thank you for paving the way and bringing us nothing but ART for the past seasons. We love you Lee McQueen. The news of his passing definately left a dark cloud on the first day of New York’s Fashion Week.

Hey Readers! I know I am so late with my fashion week reviews now that we’re on day 3 of one of the most fabulous seasons in NYC. #NYFW !!! Well I’ve been super exhausted running around the By rant park tents and off site locations doing my freelance stuff with hardly anytime to sleep. But its NEVER too late to give you fashionable news now isnt it?
If you follow fashion and is familiar with the scheduling then BCBG is always on of the first designers to show at the tents. Its always exciting to see whats new on the runway and as usual BCBG Max Azria didn’t let us down. Draping and light layering in light silhouettes clinched with an elastic belt was the highlight trend on the runway. Strong hues of black, white and grey elevated by 6 inch platforms made the show a great success!