The Gospel Version of TONY

“Nick Nak Padiwack Give a Dog a Bone?” Priceless!!! Just priceless

LOL Solange, Patti and Beyonce and Sasha came out in this video!!! LOL
Love them…

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Would You Marry An Atheist?

Here’s what Kevin and Makael has to say…

I believe that a husband and wife should share the same values, and by marrying an atheist if you believe in God will shatter your morals as a Christian. DONT WANNA GO ON AND ON! watch the video…subcribe to the show, tell me what you think!

Skorpion Has Spoken

Hey Guys, thought this video might be of interest to you.

Perez acts like he’s a damn King! I refuse to read anything on this filthy website.
So Yes Perez, Bye Girl Fly Girl!!!

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Have a Happy Monday…

The Skorpion Show

Hey Guys, So Im not the only one obsessed with Beyonce and its official LOL. Love kevin and Makael. Makael is especially hilarious whereas Kevin speaks his mind. I have been a subscriber of this show for a while now and you know why I love it??? Because there are people who feel the same way that I do. They love being heard and so do I. True Destiny’s Child supporters I might add!!! So lets help them get the number of subscribers they’re seeking. If you’re on this site now then take two seconds to hit the yellow button and subscribe to the show. If Michelle Williams can, then why shouldnt you. They speak on so many topics its almost addicting.

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