Beauty 101: Try A Dark Berry Lip

Before I go all out to educate and inform you that a dark berry lip is one of this season’s hottest stains for the above skin tones, I will also let you know that I’m a rookie at wearing bold lips. If you’re an avid reader of this blog you would remember my tips and ideas on wearing brights lacquers but as gorgeous as they looked on the face of Beyonce or Rihanna I was still reluctant to try a bold lip. A little inspiration from PurpleALaMode (for my favorite MAC lavender shade) and TheStyleAndBeautyDoctor (the hottest YSL vintage red ever) I now consider myself a pro and would rock any shade that works well with my complexion if you dare. With that being said, I’ve met people just like myself who has a hard time pumping up the boldness in their shades. My advice, take it one hue at a time eventually and eventually you’ll get there. 

Okay, so I love this shade. Like I really do love this dark berry lip color. The perfect day and night lacquer! and to avoid looking to dark, go soft on the eyes. Well defined lashes, nude exterior gives this look a perfect finish and less gothic.


Will you be trying this dark berry hue? If you have share your thoughts…


How To Pair Colored Solid Pieces

Photo credit: Byju Devan  
A fashion faux pas goes a long way and if this were anything like the era a few seasons ago, both Rihanna and Blake Lively would be under arrest in the latter pages of US Weekly’s Fashion Police. I remember the days when mix-match outfits were a no-go. Too much color in one ensemble were for clowns and its counter parts at the circus. Too bad this generation of style is throwing rules and regulations out the door and pushing envelopes to express themselves. The fashionably inclined hit series Gossip Girls, raising fashion icon and the tastemakers behind Gucci’s Spring 2011 gives pairing bold colored solid it’s stamp of approval. You know, the go ahead to pair a royal blue trouser with a shimmery gold blazer like Blake while filming an episode of GG in Paris or Rihanna’s high wasted orange pants and a purple cropped sweater while doing her usual catwalk meets sidewalk in Europe. The key to wearing these pieces isn’t magic, however there are factors to keep in mind while excecuting the look. When it comes to pairing bold colored solids less is more, that means little to no accessories will be just fine. We’re in an era where most of the rules of dressing are out the window but this one is a keeper: WEAR PIECES THAT COMPLIMENTS YOUR FIGURE. Rihanna made it okay to walk around with a beautifully toned stomach and it definitely works for her, but let me put it like this, it’s not for everyone. Try tucking your blouse like Blake or throw on accessories (not necessarily jewelry). Multicolored pieces are out of the equation, keep the bold solid pattern throughout your ensemble, take this model lead spotted on the runway at Gucci’s Spring 2011 runway show. Thoughts?

Accessories Report: Crystal Head Bands

Get a little flirtatious with your choice of accessories. A girly bedazzled, sequin or jewel piece will give you an extra “girly” and glam look.


Rihanna and Lala Keeps Summer Alive With Bright Florals

I’m pretty sure Lala and Rihanna got the memo on earth tones, carmel, military, leopard and all these exciting patterns and trends for the fall. Come on, with a stylist like Mariel Hann and a growing icon (yes I said icon, it’s still growing on me) Rihanna and style savvy Lala has this covered. This is why they threw all rules out the window and brought out the brights. Who said summer was only three months? Lala’s strapless mini and Ri’s skirt and cardigan set is the epitome of bold florals. Their figures, hair and makeup compliments their garden inspired attire which I love. 

Are you wearing bold florals this fall? or are they below your storage bin. I joined the dark on dark bandwagon this fall but this is inspiration to pull out the bold pieces atleast once during this cold season.
And speaking of Rihanna… have you seen her new video? 
If not here’s Ri’s “Only Girl In The World”…

Photo credit: Theybf and RihannaDaily…

Earth Tone Hues For Fall

I’m a firm believer in translating summer to fall pieces. After going all out to get the best trendy staples this summer it would be heart wrenching to see them all go to the bottom of storage. As much as I believer in making your pieces work all year round, I also stand by revamping and freshening your look as the seasons change. This summer it was all about the floral, digital prints, bright geometric patterns, bold colors so as we slowly sip into the mood of fall I’m creating a new wardrobe.

January is when we make all our new years resolutions of what we should accomplish in the upcoming year, we sometimes tend to change our image whether is style or beauty but in Vogue’s September Issue Documentary it was made official that September is the fashion’s new year. So while you go back to school, back to work, back to wearing those lace up boots and cashmere pieces let’s incorporate in little trendy pattern. Earth tone hues can help with this transition.

H and M trench.

This JCrew model is wearing a full earth tone ensemble. Khaki jacket mixed with the different ground shades of brown and grey makes it even more fun…

Nicholas K models.
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Fall Trend Alert: Tweed Jackets

This Queen Elizabeth inspired should occupy a hanger or two from your fall closet. Rachel Zoe orgasms over her packages from Chanel with multiple tweed jackets on the season premier of TRZ Project, but we can do the same on a basic budget.

This piece is the epitome of a transitional day to night staple. Beyonce paired her pink Chanel tweed with cute off shorts and a casual graphic and ofcourse the ever-so-famous pair of louboutins while Jessica Biel executed a stunning red carpet ensemble in Oscar De La Renta tweed, ruffled top and dressy slacks. Forever 21, H and M and Top Shop including a few vintage stores will carry a vastly more affordable version of the pieces these A lister’s are spotting.


Graphics by designdev

Fall Trend: Leopard Print

Who would ever thought that this animal inspired trend would resurrect from the pits of the tragic spring/ summer stampede of bold , digital, mixed, flourished prints and patterns to a must have trendy piece this fall?  With a hint of jungle fever and a tint of tan, camel and mud hues designers tapped into their animal instincts through an array of designs and texture. Whether it is the faux wildlife fur, classic spotted silhouettes or a menagerie inspired jewels you cannot go wrong with animal print this season. Chic savvy celebs and guru risk takers Rihanna and Willow Smith made this trend red carpet as well as cat walk meets sidewalk cool. Oh! And who said you can’t wear animal on animal? Follow their lead, if you are in the mood to layer a zebra on a tiger pattern then go for it. The Chic-Report recommends atleast one solid staple or embellished piece to execute an edgy flawless look. This fall Dolce and Gabbana, Mochsinco and Balmain breathed life into the hottest animal inspired separates. Go for the wild! 

Graphic designs by ByjuMDevan  .