Letter From The Editor??? <—- Cute Title!

Hey Readers!
Just a quick note…First off quick apology for the delay in posts!!! Good news always makes me happy so I’m sure it will have the same effect on you. The blog is definately growing in numbers and readers right before my eyes…I’ve taken then next step and I’m extremely happy to announce that in a few hours the new official domain will be in effect. I’m trying to boost the image of the blog so this is step ONE! Thank You to everyone who keeps coming back to show your support. Be excited because I will be posting daily… As far as the scheduling thats TBA but I just want to say Thank You for now and that you should keep coming back for fun. The OFFICIAL website (new layout and banner) is coming shortly after.

Thanks Everyone for your ongoing support of The Chic Report!

I’m also open for constructive critisim so you guys can always request content and leave me feedback!