Look of The Day: Rihanna

Happy Birthday to Rihanna plus she’s getting the “Look Of The Day” award from TheChicReport! Love the peach dress and white accessories! Only Ri can pull it off! Love the look…simple, chic and classy… what do you think?

Photo: Theybf.com

Happy Birthday to Me

So what, I’m a few hours late. But this birthday was the most unprepared and passive birthday I ever had. The fact that my birthday was coming up actually registered like two days before. I have been soo busy with fashion week and juggling work and school that I had no time at all to go all out. When it finally registered my plans were for all my friends to go out and have an exciting dinner. Everyone was sooo pumped and excited about it until the day before. It ended up being 4 people instead of 10. But I had no time to react or be depressed about my birthday disaster. Its in times like these you know who your real friends are and who really cares about you. I had a chance to filter my friends and that was a healthy result of my birthday. Its obvious they dont care. But Thanks to Roslyn, Megan and Maggie I had a blast. We went out to do what we do best, lol and thats eat! lol Thanks to my mommy for the bday cake and the gifts. This year I have few birthdays to look forward to, those people who made my birthday fun and a complete success inspite of the humid temperatures. Thanks to my Reccessionistas…