Beauty 101: Try A Dark Berry Lip

Before I go all out to educate and inform you that a dark berry lip is one of this season’s hottest stains for the above skin tones, I will also let you know that I’m a rookie at wearing bold lips. If you’re an avid reader of this blog you would remember my tips and ideas on wearing brights lacquers but as gorgeous as they looked on the face of Beyonce or Rihanna I was still reluctant to try a bold lip. A little inspiration from PurpleALaMode (for my favorite MAC lavender shade) and TheStyleAndBeautyDoctor (the hottest YSL vintage red ever) I now consider myself a pro and would rock any shade that works well with my complexion if you dare. With that being said, I’ve met people just like myself who has a hard time pumping up the boldness in their shades. My advice, take it one hue at a time eventually and eventually you’ll get there. 

Okay, so I love this shade. Like I really do love this dark berry lip color. The perfect day and night lacquer! and to avoid looking to dark, go soft on the eyes. Well defined lashes, nude exterior gives this look a perfect finish and less gothic.


Will you be trying this dark berry hue? If you have share your thoughts…

The Nude Lip

I love a nude lip but it has to be the right swatch and the right texture. I also love when makeup looks so effortless, fresh and clean. I’m a color fanatic but The Chic Report wont endorse walking around with clown makeup. Its the summer time and as our clothes gets brighter our makeup needs to be as toned down as possible. We’ve posted tips and insights on the famous Red/ Purple/ Orange Lip but now its time for a more refined look. Want this look? Here are a few tips:
1. A CLEAN FACE, and by that I do not mean just a dab of neutrogena a rinse and then call it a day. Tyra showed us how to clean the lip with petroleum jelly and an old soft bristol toothbrush to remove excess skin from the surface of your lip. Try it, it works.
2. CONTOUR. A great linning is essential. A dab of concealer will help.
3. PICK THE RIGHT SWATCH. The color of your skin doesnt mean the color of your skin. Whatever hue you try on has to look as natural as possible. For instance someone whose dark in complexion may have a lighter or in my case pink lip surface. Try multiple colors and cosmetic brands to find the right lipstick.
My Pick: MAC Modesty

I love this! After applying I add a little tint to give it the “look du jour”.

Beauty: The Orange Lip

I’m addicted to the MAC counter! There I said it… lol. I’m always looking for new colors and textures when it comes to wearing lipstick, whether matte or glossy, bold or neutral it has to look right and feel right. Lately the orange lip has become a red carpet/runway beauty phenomena and its taking the cosmetic clan by storm. This look is best kept with a nude face, and its also important when pairing the tangerine hue to accent it with bold eye lashes. Pull out the mascara in this case maybe more than one, or fake lashes could work if you know how to put it on.

My pick: MAC retails at $14.99. I own this product so I’m a bit bais when it comes to recommendations but I’m sure there are great finds at other cosmetic brands. Try NARS, MAC, or BENEFIT if you’re looking to create this look.
MAC Pro Amplified Creme Lipstick — Neon Orange

I love the matte look on Solange. She pulls off everything vibrant.

Rihanna in a deeper orange. Great contour.

Tried it? Your thoughts?

Beauty: Vintage Red Lips

HEY! Happy Saturday!!! There’s a new contributor in town to ditch everything beauty… get familair with the name Megan McCormick! Dont forget to give feedback! I’m excited are you???

Teyanna Taylor’s Photoshoot

We’ve seen her spotting the curls, barbie-girl chic frock with the latest kicks looking effortlessly fly! But now…You dont even have a clue but its so true, if you’re looking for her go and pull it up because she’s a celebrity and these new pics are “Google Me” worthy…I love this song! I first heard of Teyana Taylor on My Super Sweet 16 and have seen her at a few events (first was backstage NY Fashion Week at the Barbie Show). She released “Google Me” which I sing all the time by the way LOL but now she’s proving to her supporter and haters that she is definately staying in the game, releasing her new Lipgloss collection called “Dope Lips”. I’ve always admired her style so I cant wait to see what she has to produce.

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