Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

I Love Chanel! Jadore Chanel… This is a french film Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky which I heard is really good with of course English subtitles. Fashion and French? What else could you ask for? Can’t wait to see this…
Have you seen it?

Celeb Chic Look Of The Week: Blake Lively

Between filming and attending Haute Couture shows in Paris this Gossip Girl has had the style web going crazy with her awesome choices of separates.  The Chic Report is a huge fan of simple, effortless, classic staples, high end but fun pieces. Just when we thought dazzling blazers were out for the summer Blake reinforces how much style is inevitable in these ensembles. My favorite look would be the blue pants, gold statement shoulder blazer, minimum accessories, messy up do with pale-glamorous makeup.
Dior Haute Couture with Vogue’s Editor in Chief Anna Wintour

Ritz Hotel in Paris.
(Filming the Gossip Girl series)
Chanel Haute Couture (she’s pictured all over the web with Karl Legerfield)
photo credit: Splash and JustJared

Haute Couture: Jessica Alba en CHANEL

 Haute Couture collections are underway in Paris and some of our favorite style savvy celebrities are out there gracing front seat of these high end designer shows. I will post a few here as the week progresses, as fashionistas/ style addicts/ trend innovators I think you will enjoy the Haute Couture posts.
Jessica Alba is wearing a white mini frock straight off the runway of Chanel’s Spring 2010 RTW collection.
Pictured on IMG model Lara Stone to the right.

Minnie Mouse Makes A Fashionable Comeback

Dont Call This A Comeback! To dismay of reigning fictional fashionistas the legendary “Minnie Mouse” is back on the scene and this time around she has a huge celebrity fan base. Watch out now Hello Kitty! I remember the days of Disney’s Mickie Mouse with Minnie stealing every scene with her fashionably perky ensembles. I think its safe to say that Minnie invented trends like the polka dot, bow headbands, ballet flats, flattering baby doll dresses and the bold leggings. Lately, everyone from celebrity, models and designers are channelling their inner Minnie with their chic Minnie inspired outfits!
Solange Knowles is inspired by everything retro she has made it clear with her choice of music and also her personal style. Ofcourse the iconic Minnie will spark her interest. A few months ago Solo did an interview with blender magazine where she dressed up as minnie mouse. She pulled it off…

Designer Jeremy Scott is also channelling his inner minnie threw his mickey/minnie inspired ensemble worn by Rihanna on the set of her latest music video “Hard”. She wore everything from her helmet, bullet bra and super super short cut-off shorts. We all know that Mariel Hann (Rihanna’s Fashion Stylist) worked on this shoot a woman of great style so this is a definate co sign.
June Ambrose Stylist Extradinorie!

Chanel Iman graced the pages of Vogue recently with a Minnie Mouse inspired photoshoot. This is one of the best shoots I’ve seen featuring Chanel thus far.

Gaga joined the Minnie bandwagon when she paraded the streets with the minnie mouse bow as her hair style. We all know that Lady Gaga has no problem in taking risks a definate reminder of the legendary minnie.

Angela Simmons attended a Halloween party this past October with her Minnie-Chic naughty attire. She has everything down. Flattering dress? Check! Minnie’s signature bow? Check! Bold Stockings?Check! and her pearls are too adorable.

Do you think that “Minnie-Chic” is the new black? Are you inspired by what you’ve seen? You to can achieve a similar look with the help of the set posted below….

Minnie Mouse

Street Style: Paris

I’m a sucker for street style, you should know this. You know the whole “Model-off-Duty” look, mixing and matching effortless ensembles. I am also in love with the city of Paris and fashion house Chanel; this is why I’m an avid reader of . Do you just love the uneventful look of the famous Chanel handbag. Uber Chic!

Karl Lagerfeld role model much?

Many successful people in the fashion industry are undoubtedly very mean, vein and uptight! That’s no headline for breaking news. I must admit that I am relatively new to the fashion industry and already I’ve witness alot of snotty people walking around with their head held high, selfish with information and looks out for no one but themselves. Well I guess that’s not new if our fashion master heads can hold others in stereotypical categories when it comes to industry jobs.
The rave on curvy women on the runway and on fashion pages is more than the demand. Likewise, industry jobs are dependent on who you know rather than what you’ve done, level of experience and interests. I’m pretty sure this statement is somewhat familiar to you:

“No one wants to see curvy women.

You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in

front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly”…

Such a BUZZ KILL right?

Karl Lagerfeld said so! Fashion designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel. If you don’t want to feature plus size models, despite the fact that represents your average customer, who you display so much contempt, for that’s fine. But whoever said “curvy” woman are fat? Mr Lagerfeld I don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, who you know, how much money you make, and who you represent but I think curves are sexy and so does a great portion of your consumer population! He sounds so much like an INSECURE gay man! That’s expected though!

Another smart comment by “whats his name”…

In the Teen Vogue handbook there is a section on designers and how they accomplished their dream jobs and their advice.

Teen Vogue: “What do you look for when hiring new assistants? Do you like having interns around the atelier?”

Whats his name answered:Mostly they are people I know their parents or through friends I can trust. I must admit I prefer more girls than boys. I like the idea of having interns around, but a fashion house is not a fashion school”…

So there you have it! if you’re a rich kid who may not have any interest in the fashion industry and your parent happens to know Karl Lagerfeld then you are guaranteed an internship at the fashion house Chanel. If not then your shit is out of luck no matter how much experience you have!

Lily Allen for Chanel Handbag Collection

Lily Allen is one of my favorite British artisits I’m so glad to see her in the new ad campaign for Chanel handbag Collections…Cute pics below

Congrats Lily