Chic Pick: Whitney Eve Mini Dress For Outdoor Summer Wedding.

Its wedding season and I know some of my dearest readers are looking for the cute “it dress” to attend that outdoor wedding festivities. Upcoming designer and my favorite City girl Whitney Port is definitely leaving her mark on this industry. I love this dress because its simple yet bold and the flattering black and gold fabric makes it even more fashionable and daring. This is a selection from Whitney Eve’s Spring 2010 collection. Although its sold out on the site, you can use this as inspiration to find your next chic piece.

The City: Whitney’s Changing PR Firms?

Breaking Fashion News: For those of you who follow MTV’s The City religiously as I do then I’m sure you’re at the edge of your seat for the next episode which is the season finale. Whitney is definitely changing, first it was her approach to her best friend Roxy over a jacket that she clearly couldn’t force a singer to wear. Now we’re about to witness Whitney’s new career transition. Well TCR (The Chic Report) is predicting Whitney Port’s new home at Alison Brod. PR! We did some fact checking and Whitneyeve is indeed listed on the client roaster among several household names including Old Navy, VS PINK, Jill Stuart and Alice and Olivia. Wonder what went wrong with Kelly Cutrone and People’s Rev. ? I really want to know what you guys think about this, knowing that Kelly’s been there for Whitney since day one. She held her hand in this tough industry and went above and beyond to see her line succeed. Fast forward to one of the earliest episodes this season… who would actually shed a tear for a client after a runway show in this heartless industry?
We’re wishing Whitney all the best and I hope this doesn’t tarnish her relationship with Kelly Cutrone.
“IF YOU HAVE TO CRY GO OUTSIDE…and other things your mother never told you”.

The City: Fashion and Fun!!!

“Give me them bright lights long nights!!! Party till the sun is Rising”…

When Whitney Port first decided to leave The Hills it didn’t phase me much. I mean we never got to see her personal side on the show, it was always at dinner or at work for Whit so I really didn’t think I’d miss her much. It wasn’t until the following season I felt the brunt of missing Whitney on the show. She was always the focused one, goal oriented and smart and quiet the most decent side kick Lauren Conrad ever had (well, at least on the show). As much as I missed Whitney on The Hills I wasnt to fond of the whole idea of “The City”. What could the Whitney we all knew from “The Hills” bring to the screen for a highly rated show? Neitherless I really got into the first season and started liking the show. (Note to self: Add one more show to my “To Watch” list). Now we’re on season 3 and avid followers like myself must admit that we cant get enough of The City clan. Okay maybe I’m a little over Olivia shady ways, but her sense of style wins over everything. Finally theres a reality show on tv that I can relate to. An inside scoop on the fashion industry…stuff you can’t learn in school but through experience is on a tv screen. Ok… ok… Blah Blah Blah! Did you see the season premier last week? “The fashions” were so exciting… Whitney’s style has elevated since her tv debut, I couldnt help but gush over every sense. And Olivia’s style is just impeccable.

Olivia Palermo (Elle Accessories Editor)

I’ve created this set for anyone trying to incoperate Olivia and Whitney’s style to their daily wardrobe. Hope this serves as inspiration for you to look your best! Whitney is best known for her comfortable pastel staples and Olivia is more glam.


Hope you enjoy this post!

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