Accessories Report: Crystal Head Bands

Get a little flirtatious with your choice of accessories. A girly bedazzled, sequin or jewel piece will give you an extra “girly” and glam look.


Look Of The Day: Chanel Iman

Happy Monday Readers, I’m back with another “Look Of The Day”. I’m changing things up a little since I’ve only given you my favorite celeb looks. Chanel Iman (my favorite model by the way) was recently featured in Vogue China for a beautiful high fashion spread. We all know Chanel is a familiar face of the Vogue pages but with this spread we see a more sophisticated Chanel. Less glam more chic! Thats what I like to call it, although the two goes hand in hand. I love the familar colors in this ensemble…When June Ambrose created “Effortless Style” this is probably what she had in mind. With the current humid temperatures style addicts have done a closet overload with loose/free staples. Chanel looks so CHIC in this shot… “The Chic Report” approves.

Check out Chanel Iman in Vogue China.

She will also be doing a meet and greet tomorrow 12noon – 1pm at the Victoria Secret in SOHO.

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Boyfriend Chic: Chanel Iman and Alexa Chung

Among all the gowns and frocks you know there will be show stopping boyfriend inspired one pieces and tuxedo’s walking the red stairs to the Mets Costume Institute Gala lastnight. Chanel Iman wore a metalic jump suit by Michael Kors with chain detaling adding glam extras. I must admit that Chanel is dazzling in her rich metalic ensemble.

Chanel Iman in Michael Kors.

Alexa Chung in Phillip Lim 3.1 tux, blazer and black accessories complimenting her outfit.
She reminds me of Rihanna’s 2009 Dolce and Gabbana tux.

What do you think?

Chanel Iman: Spanish Vogue

Yet another Vogue appearance for Chanel Iman which is my favorite runway and editorial model of this time. I recently posted a blog on Chanel in Vogue Germany’s “Minnie in Wonderland” shoot where the the young model starlet channelled her inner Minnie with some fun sultry shots. I must say that Chanel looks uber fab in this shoot with fun, adorable staples in an array of rich hue colored pattern pieces glammed up with bold jewelry to add edge. Chanel is at the peak of her modelling career and I’m super excited for where her career is heading.
Stay Chic Chanel!

Tell me what you think…

Chanel Iman In Vogue Germany

Chanel Iman for Vogue Germany. Photographer Mark Seigel is the creative
genius behind the “Minnie in Wonderland” shoot for the December issue of Vogue Germany.
Chanel Iman looks uber chic in each page channeling the legendery Disney characer Minnie Mouse

Chanel Iman for Prestige Magazine

My favorite Model Chanel Iman posed for Prestige Magazine. Lovely pics below…

Source: Pics from JustJared

Looks Im Loving

Looks of the Week
Chanel Iman’s ensemble is always super chic, trendy and classy but this look stands out because of the makeup she’s wearing. I love the colors Chanel has going on, its very rare that you find Chanel with heavy makeup unless its a shoot, red carpet or runway. She’s a pretty girl nonethe less, but this look is working for her.

As you all know Rihanna’s R Rated album was released this week and ofcourse her album release party was right around that same time. I adore the dress she’s wearing, its simple from the first glance but if you look at the detailing its rick with spiky embelishments adding edgy to her simple yet sophisticated look. Notice Ri Ri isnt wearing accessories just a pair of barely visible earrings. Oh how can I forget BOLD RUBY RED LIPS, cute! Ladies take note!