Entertainment: Usher "Hey Daddy" Music Video

A Little Entertainment for My Readers….

Love Usher…


Priscillia Renea

So maybe I’m a little late for posting this, but you must be hiding under a rock if you dont know the name “Priscillia Renea” by now. Once youtube sensation now Capital Records artisits realeased her debut album “Jukebox” on December 1st and its so fortunate that she carries her own sound a mix of electronica / pop / soft rock along with the acoustic rythms of her guitar. Check her out ….
Her music video “Dollhouse”


Alicia Keys "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"

Alicia Keys premiered her latest single “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” today.

Notice she’s wearing the same studded jacket as Letoya Luckett in Regret? Love it…

New Albums: Melonie Fiona + Alicia Keys

Remember the pic I posted a few days ago? Well Alicia Keys said that it wasn’t the official album cover and after a series of fake pictures luring around the web this is said to be the official album cover for the new album “The Element of Freedom” which drops on December 15th.

Melonie Fiona however dropped her debut album “The Bridge” which includes the hit single “It Kills Me” … Please cop her album which is a blend of punk, soul, hip hop and R&B…

Rihanna Vs Gaga Vs Bey

Battle of the Pop Diva’s
Remember when 50 and Kanye went head to head to see who would sell more albums, that is Graduation and Curtis; both albums by rap prodigies were released on the same day September 11th 2007? Dispite certain allegations Graduation obviously came out victorious selling more records than Curtis. Well November 23rd is battle of the Pop Diva’s. Lady Gaga’s “The Fame: Monster” and Rihanna’s “The wait is over” will be hitting stores on the same day. Both pop sensations carries a unique sound and a huge fan base as their backbone. The question however is Who Will Sell More Albums, send the volumes sky high and claim the title pop princess? Let’s add more fuel to the fire! Last year on November 23rd the Queen of Pop that is none other than Mrs Carter aka Beyonce Knowles dropped her third studio album a double disc record “I Am …Sasha Fierce” which ranked number one on the sales chats going 3x platinum. Can Rihanna sell out Beyonce with the publicity …I mean controversy surrounding the Chris Brown situation? or Lady Gaga who is re releasing her album? This would be interesting…I guess we all have to wait and see.

Alicia Keys drops Album Promo

Alicia Key’s fourth studio album Elements of Freedom is due for release on December 15th just in time for Christmas (smart move). With singles like “It doesn’t mean anything” and “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” and her feature on Jayz’s “Empire State of Mind” Miss Keys is already getting the media buzz that she rightfully deserves. Hope her album does well…Another item on my Christmas list….

Interesting album cover and promo pics…

Whose getting the album?

AMERIE "In Love and War"

Amerie is definately back with her 4th studio album due to be released on November 3rd. So I’m I excited about her album? …yes Duh! its time for her to make her huge comeback and stay as long as she can. New video (I heard em all), new album and new super fly look! So make sure you get that album or request as a present for Christmas!

Photoshoot for the November 09 issue of Essence Magazine.

Congrats A!