The City: Whitney’s Changing PR Firms?

Breaking Fashion News: For those of you who follow MTV’s The City religiously as I do then I’m sure you’re at the edge of your seat for the next episode which is the season finale. Whitney is definitely changing, first it was her approach to her best friend Roxy over a jacket that she clearly couldn’t force a singer to wear. Now we’re about to witness Whitney’s new career transition. Well TCR (The Chic Report) is predicting Whitney Port’s new home at Alison Brod. PR! We did some fact checking and Whitneyeve is indeed listed on the client roaster among several household names including Old Navy, VS PINK, Jill Stuart and Alice and Olivia. Wonder what went wrong with Kelly Cutrone and People’s Rev. ? I really want to know what you guys think about this, knowing that Kelly’s been there for Whitney since day one. She held her hand in this tough industry and went above and beyond to see her line succeed. Fast forward to one of the earliest episodes this season… who would actually shed a tear for a client after a runway show in this heartless industry?
We’re wishing Whitney all the best and I hope this doesn’t tarnish her relationship with Kelly Cutrone.
“IF YOU HAVE TO CRY GO OUTSIDE…and other things your mother never told you”.

Kelly Cutrone’s "If you have to cry GO OUTSIDE…And other things your mother never told you…"

Fall collections 2009 my first fashion week ever working behind the scenes. Train traffic is seriously driving my nerves in full gear. I’ve seen The Hills, now I’m about to go to work for the same PR extraordinaire who made Lauren Conrad cry and would tell you like it is in an instant without hesitating. Here I’m I all decked in black, Chanel inspired clutch on my side (ALDO), 4 inch heels, black on black ensemble with golden bedazzling accessories, and the most stylish pair of stockings from American Apparel. The Davidelfin / Peoples Revolution show was one of my first shows at the NY Fashion Week tents. Blackberry in hand and a piece of paper with an off sight address the other, hair bouncing from my fresh blow out. I felt like the ultimate NYC Fashion chick. It was all happening I felt great except my nerves were uncontrollable. The venue must have been at an atelier between 11th and 12 ave there was no way I’d make it in these heels plus my new Steve Madden’s were not for running. Hopped on what had to be the best cab driver in the city who considerately dashed across the avenues so I can make my call time. Its 1:53 made it to the venue and now I’m collecting my credentials… Thank God!!! This could have been the beginning and the end of my fashion career but I made call time!!! I’m a nervous wreck but its time to get it together, I’m ready to work with the Peoples Rev team front of house getting directions from miss Kelly Cutrone herself and although I’m attentive I kept saying in the back of my mind. “I like her! She’s not mean…she has the mind of a business woman”. Her drive was unbelievable! When she spoke directly at me for sitting directions as inspiration showered me. Go on Kelly you have a show to produce! Fast forward to January 2010 walking in to my Fashion PR and Events Planning class and Kelly CutroneKell On Earth” was the main discussion every Tuesday, that’s when I decided I’d give this book a read. I started reading yesterday and I must say this is a GREAT book. I wont give anything away until my official book review (as soon as I’m done reading). Until then find yourself at the nearest book store and pick up a copy. She has a story to tell!

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