My Sagi Cuzy Wuzy!

My First Birthday Blog Shout Out Ever Goes to My Wonderful cousin Denese.

She’s finally 16! AWWWW I remembered when she was months old (too bad my scanner isnt connected I wud scan your baby pics LOL) now she’s SUPER SWEET 16 and one of my bestest friends. So Sweetheart May You Enjoy EVERY minute of your day.

May God Bless You that you may see many more years to come.



(At JFk Airport heading to St Lucia)

If there is one person on earth that can testify on having ups and downs when it comes to family, I think that person will be me. I must say my family members and I have been through it all. All the fighting, cursing, screaming at the end of the day mounts up to one thing and thats Love! We support each other all the way, and we have lots of fun when we finally set our differences aside. Sometimes when I have no where to turn I IM/call/text/meet my loving cousins whether they’re older or younger than me they love and support me all the way. We’re the only ones allowed to treat each other badly at times. My mom and I may sometimes fight but I cant make a decision without her approval,in my eyes she’s always right. My little sister may annoy me sometimes or call me mean but she’s make it clear that I’m her big sis and theres no way anyone will disrespect me as long as she’s alive.
When I think of them sometimes I stay AWWESTRUCKED! Dont use just this season to love, care and share with your family, do it all year round. Tell them how much you love them and use them as your backbone for support…

Thanksgiving 2008