Beyonce Tribute to Michael Jackson

Beyonce Beyonce… The most common topic on this space…I CAN’T HELP IT!!! Luv B!!! So we all watched the BET awards, we all had mixed reactions about their tribute to Michael Jackson. WE ALL saw Beyonce’s performance, many thought Beyonce should have shared the stage with Sasha! I for one agree but we must give credit where credit is due! Although it was the wrong song choice…She DELIVERED! Essence held their annual Music Festival in New Orleans on the weekend and Beyonce did a Special Tribute to Michael! She sannnnggggggg! Get it Beyyyyy!!! Love you

R.I.P Michael Jackson


Some kind of motivation huh???

Wow now tell me its was the same choreographer for all these videos Ciara and I will let you off the hook. At the same time things do happen!!!! let me know what u think because all I can do is say wwwwaaaaaawwwww!!!!

New Videos

Ci Ci is back and better than Ever! I luv this one…I kinda like the hair and makeup especially the lips.She looks cute and different.