Steph Jones "Little Drummer Boy"

I know its Christmas and I shouldn’t be posting stuff on here LOL but here’s a Christmas treat for my readers! After all you guys deserve good music! He’s so damn talented! Maybe an interview when Chic Report becomes official in 2010? I’ll keep that in mind!

Peep Jordin in the video? Love her! What do you think guys? follow him on twitter


Joy! Happiness! and Well Wishes to you!
Thank You for Reading Chic Report and supporting this effort!
We’ve been blessed with the gift of Growth and Prosperity!
May Your Day Be Merry And Bright!

My Christmas Presents

Christmas isnt Merry without a tree and presents…

My Daisy Perfume set by Marc Jacobs. I adore Marc Jabobs products and clothing.

My Ipod Touch…So I went from an ipod shuffle, to a nano, to a touch…wonder whats next? Thanks Moma!

So maybe I was a little disappointed because I thought I’d get a Macbook, but the truth is I’m not comfortable with a Macbook as yet. So I got the HP Pavilion.

My sexy outfit…for my future internship (or any formal function) LOL

Effortless Style by June Ambrose

Merry Christmas…

I wanna wish you guys a very Merry Christmas
Hope you’ve have been good this year so santa
can bring you all the goodies you’ve longed for on his slay…LOL

This puzzles me….
Who really believes in Santa Claus???
I remembered when I was younger
Christmas day was a day filled with
christmas carols, and gifts/toys, food,
decorated trees and even houses.
By “decorated” I’m talking about actual decorations
not just the frivilous lighting bulbs.

I used to go to bed with the thought that
Santa would come even quicker if I went to bed early…
Now, kids as small as they are would think that
the Santa stories are nothing but sillyness and fiction!

It also puzzles me how much people complain
about not feeling the spirit of christmas.
For the past few years I have adopted that
exact attitude, but it wasnt until this week
I realised that the spirit of Christmas cant
come to you…you need to welcome it.
By this I mean tune ourselves in the
mood of the season.

During this week I was struggling trying
to make my way through Slush and rain
when the thought of Christmas being just 2 days
away flashed in mind. I suddenly reached for
my ipod, scrolled through my playlists
and turned on Mariah Carey’s
All I want for Christmas…
Im telling you this because within a blink of an
eye, all these child hood memories of Santa,
the laughter and the Christmas Joy were coming
back to me.
I could feel the Christmas spirit moving through
my blood streams.

If your Christmas tradition is all about
caroling, then why not turn up your stereo
with the hottest Christmas tracks?
If its all about gift giving, then why not
shower someone or be showered with gifts…
And if its about the cooking, then fall in
love with your kitchen, have a feast.

I’m still puzzled….how rude people
have become, they’ve openly exed out the
C.H.R.I.S.T in the word CHRISTMAS
replacing it with X-MAS! Tell me,
is it “Tradition” fading or have people
forgotten that it is the birth of Jesus

Have a Great Day – But Until Then
welcome the Christmas Season, and stop
waiting for you to be welcomed because
if you do the day Just might pass you bye
within the blink of an eye 🙂
Merry Christmas