Game Fever!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO

So there are sooo many rumors going around that the game has been cancelled. Its all over the place INCLUDING FACEBOOK! I thought this rumor was true until this…

So pass this on people. The Game is a really good show and we need ur support. I say we because I’m a Gamaholic!


I had This Story First I Swear!

I went to the news stand in Penn Station yesterday just to see whats new. To my suprise….First Glance inside my magazine world was B on the cover of Vogue. I got soo excited I ran to the fashion isle whispering Vogue Vogue Vogue while my eyes grilled the pages of each and every magazine. I couldnt find my Beyonce Vogue. There were a few issues in the glass case way up and I couldnt reach, so I asked the man ” where are you new Vogues on the shelf” and he replied to me in this strange accent ” They’re not out as yet, Sunday!” I got soo mad because that would have been my train snack instead of a pack of twislers. 😦 Came home hoping to post about my Beyonce Vogue experience….Couldnt find the picture online! how disappointing. I swear I had this way before concreteloop and LOL

Im so silly …
Cant wait to read this issue
Vogue! here I come

I’m Supa Dupa Excited

So, my goal for the year 2009 was to get my hustle on. I started the year by taking a course at FIT and the notion that one needs to be “At the right place, at the right time” is just starting to unfold and take its toll. If you really know me, then you would know that I have been dieing to work at New Yorks Fashion Week. Well being a good networker can afford you countless oppurtunities. Thats why Im really proud that I am working at Fashion Week. Im doing a handfull of shows for this celebrity studded event included DIAN VON FURSTENBERG, KIMORA LEE for JC PENNY, DONNA KARAN ( DKNY ) RALPH LAUREN, Mattel Salutes Barbie and I’m also working with Kelly Cutrone from the Hills just to name a few. This is a dream come true, and I believe that this year will be an amazing year while I work towards my goals.

P.S I always wanted to work with Dian Von Furstenberg at Fashion Week because Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria (just to name a few ) always grace front seats of her shows.

So, if Diva is a female version of a hustla then I’ve been a diva for a minute!

Luv Ya’ll TTYL