Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in FENCES

Hello fam!
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend like I did. In my last post I had no clue what I was going to get into for the weekend. But…wait! Hold up! Have I ever told you how much I love NYC? Like I really do love NYC, and I think its the right place for me. There’s never a dull moment here unless you don’t know anyone, broke or lazy. So The Brooklyn Museum holds first Saturdays every month and I really enjoyed my first time there. When I got there the mood was so lively kids playing in the water fountains, karaoke in the museums entrance and a block party towards the back of the museum. We took a short tour and after a glass of wine we were lost in the middle of the crowd along with hundreds of people just dancing and having a good time. So Sunday Independence holiday I was invited to see a Broadway show which I really wanted to see from the time everyone started tweeting about it on its open night. I had the chance to see it last night and its a must see. FENCES carries a great deal of symbolic weight throughout the play. Its about  keeping people close while cutting some….building fences around your love ones.
Denzel, Viola and the rest of  the cast came to the street to greet the audience after the show.
Denzel Washington (it was so hard to take a decent picture)…
 Viola Davis signing autographs
So I had no idea people were allowed to take pictures after the show, I left my camera at home and since    everyone started taking pics I had to get one in from my blackberry.

So I’d like to hear what you guys did for the holiday weekend.

Patriotic Chic

Unlike many I do not have any definite plans for the 4th of July celebrations. I’ve been throwing out ideas but truly my plans are always so fragile that I decided to live in the “spur of the moment”. Well its the weekend of major festivities, fireworks, barbeque’s, the beach/pool, rooftop shindigs, and amusement parks all in efforts to show patriotism, or for some just time off  and I can’t stress further how imperative it is to look your best. Despite the occasion I hope you find inspiration in the sets I’ve designed below. The Chic Report just made the colors of the American Flag cool.
1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
3Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

What are your plans for fourth of July weekend? and what will you be wearing? Let us know below!

Happy Fourth of July!!!