A Journey Worth Fullfilling :)

Hey guys So I know I’ve been slacking on blogging lately…My bad!!! Its just that the time I usually spend on the Internet I now dedicate it to working out…That’s right I’m back on my workout plan and this time its more intense than ever. I hired a personal trainer from the gym that I go to and let me tell you this dude is tough! he worked me out for an hour and I swear I could feel my rib cage falling out. I usually take a cardio class, the treadmill and the bike or elliptical but I had an intense session today and I look forward to this for the next few months. First I was nervous training with a man but he makes it comfortable for you. I literally had the people at the gym cracking up because of my silliness. He shared some insight on working hard and getting results fast so I thought I’d share that with you.

*He recommend not eating any less than 1,500 calories/day
*eliminate all the excess and empty calories from your daily intake (CHEAT ONCE A WEEK) or else the body will go into a shock.
*Give your body time to recover from intense workouts.
*DONOT! drink diet sodas…Although it carries 0 calories there are artificial sweetners that can trigger a sweeet tooth.
*Drink lots of water