Respect Week at Work

Hey fam, wassup??? The month of June was Values Month at work and every week we practiced a new value. TRIC (Teamwork…Respect…Integrity and Compassion) for Respect week all the Jimmyz and Aero stores had to submit a project and our store did a video! We did a little skit to Aretha Franklin’s Respect! No rehersing! We just did our thing at 7 AM So check it out! Blurry but hmmm…u can see right? LOL

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the real fathers out there!!! It takes a real man to raise a home and build a family. So this post is dedicated to all the good daddys out there!

LA Candy

Laurens on the road for her LA Candy book signing tour which was realeased this week. LC is the former star of the MTV reality series The Hills and Laguana Beach. LA Candy is said to be the behind the scence of The Hills, what we didnt see on camera…Im excited about her book…Thats why I’ve got my copy!!! yeahhhh

She stopped by to sign copies of her book in Tribeca on Wednesday…LA Candy get it in a book store near you!

Broken Hearted Girl

Queen B done did it again! She looks so cute in this video! See how she embrasses her curves??? Love it!!! Enjoy the video…

BTW…Just found out on twitter that Jay is currently shooting a music video for D.O.A! Apparently B is on set!!!
If this Dorney Park Trip is cancelled…then Im def. going to MSG to see B perform live!!!
Love it or hate it 🙂
Until Next Post!!!

Chanel Iman For Victoria Secrets

I feel so amused when I see young colored models on the runway. For someone who works numerous designer shows this is one of my confessions.The Runway is not diverse enough! Chanel Iman is my new favorite model and recently she posed for Victoria Secrets new ad campaign for the undies collection. Go Chanel!!! The posters look so sultry!Enjoy the pic and a video of the shoot below.

Im Back…

Hey lovies…Ive been M.I.A for while, I know! I feel so sad about it but now Im back!!! I must say twitter has absolutely taken over my world…one of my distractions for not blogging as much as I used to…Sooo hmmm!!! While I was gone, B came out with another video for another hit and another one of my favorites EGO! (Haters go kick rocks)…enjoy it!!!

Isnt she pretty??????? The dance moves are hot though…really dont care what u think…I love my readers but hmm sorry…she will always be my number 1. Lol

ta ta