Look of The Week: Janet Jackson

I usually get “Look of the Week/Day” posts in on Wednesdays but I couldnt not start the blogging week off without acknowldging how fabulous and chic Janet Jackson appeared on the red carpet at the London premier of Why Did I Get Married Too. Not only did she had the style savvy taking fashion pointers, she also debuted her new short hair do which had the internet a buzz the following day. Janet looks effortless with this look and for that she deserves The Chic Report’s celeb “Look Of The Week” …

The excessive draping in this ensemble accents her curves. Beautiful silhouette, perfect hue for Janet’s fresh new look. I love it.


New Hair Do’s

I love the look on Solange, I think its so different and with her sense of style, she will rock it!

Kim, I loved the black hair on you. With the blonde it makes you look like a Beyonce wanna be. Like for real.

i think this look works for Dawn…The layered extensions were becoming too over rated.