Chic Pick: Gasoline Glamour Studded Pump

I fall in love with everything glam and a touch of couture. Shoes are my witness especially unique ones which will dazzle up the simplest staple. America’s Next Top Model winner Eva was also part of the BET Awards festivites this past weekend. Gorgeous hair and makeup as well as a simple draped dress but her shoes were what gave her look the ultimate finishing edge. Eva was spotting these spiky grey and sliver pumps which The Chic Report approves. This Gasoline Glamour pump is sold at $3000,00 at
                  These are cute as well… visit Gasoline Glamour and tell me what you think, is it worth the slpurge?

Look Of The Day: Tahj Mowry

Now that’s a “Smart Guy”! Tahj Mowry is no longer the adventurous ten year old genius he played on tv. He has grown into a talented handsome style savvy gentleman who has made it clear that he is one of Michael Jackson’s (King of Pop/Fashion Icon) biggest fans. Among so many other celebrities Tahj hit the red carpet at the 10th Anniversary of the BET awards with a freshly groomed ensemble. This is the epitome of a simple yet classic look which Tahj definitely owned. I hear my male friends who are supporters of this blog complain about the lack of male inspired fashion posts. I hope I did well this time because I fell in love with Tahj’s look here. Decked from head to toe with pieces from fashion company All Saints, his daring leather jacket, simple grey tee, necklace, skinny cut jeans and the classic combats made his red carpet appearance effortlessly successful. The Chic Report Approves.
Get The Look

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I’ve designed a set for those who are inspired by Tahj’s ensemble. Let me know what you think about this look.
P.S … Maybe a Tahj Mowry Style interview when the new site launches? I will definitely work on it.

Chic Confession: Magazines Galore

Usually I people run out of closet space but if this was my only concern then my head ache wouldn’t be this severe. My name is Chantal J and I am a “Magazholic”. LOL On a serious note I think I’m addicted to fashion magazines. Everything from Vogue to Essence, Cosmopolitian, Elle, Vanity Fair, People, Allure, Lucky, Instyle, Marie Claire, Glamour… You name it. Funny thing is I’m only subscribed to one and that’s Instyle. This is more than a confession though, I don’t regret ever buying a single copy. Reading fashion magazines makes me happy, it clears my mind, it inspires me, gives me ideas its like I’m on a different planet.

Of course I have every copy of Teen Vogue (my favorite magazine), some not pictured. I’m missing the first ever issue and the Miley Cyrus  May 2009 issue which I lent out and never received.
(Teen Vogue handbook is also pictured if you’re trying to get into fashion or beauty…get it)
One of my many piles. p.s the others were too messy for camera. lol
Is this normal? Give me your thoughts …

D.I.Y: Distressed Denim Cutoffs

Casual jeans shorts are fun flirtatious staples you should include to your “summer must have list” this season. I’m pretty sure some of you fashionistas are way ahead of me with this one due to the extremely beautiful weather that have graced the surface these last few weeks. I’m all for comfortable, versatile, stylish yet affordable pieces so there is an option for everyone. Some of you may be thinking well… “The Chic Report shorts are not for me, so I will pass on this summer must have”. Wait! Hmmm… Hold Up! Who said? The key to a successful ensemble is creativity. So you know that old Levis jeans you have folded in the back of your closet, grab a pair scissors and get to work. D.I.Y!!! Have fun with it, thread the edges, fold them, remove pockets, add denim patches. Need I say more?
This post is dedicated to the fashionista-on-a-budget. Here are four simple steps to acquiring this staple without visiting your local retailer.
1. Get a pair of denim which is no longer in use. In this case I used an old pair of  Light Washed Low Rise Flare jeans with light whiskers that I haven’t worn in a while.
2. Lay denim out on flat surface ironing out the creases if its necessary.
Make sure you use a sharp pair of scissors while cutting one side of the folded denim.
3. Cut off the other half of the denim making sure that its straight on both sides.
4. From here on its up to you to figure out the finishing touches. I fold the edges of my jeans and have decided that I cant do much since I love soft whiskers.
For those who don’t mind a little retail therapy H and M, Zara and American Eagle houses a variety of denim cut offs. For the heavier set ladies you may want to buy these a few inches longer in a darker hue. If you’re not the type to show of your beautiful curves then I would suggest a boyfriend/ slouchy fit.
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Rachel Roy Octopus Ring

In case you’re wondering why The Chic Report loves Rachel Roy so much then this should answer your question. This week my overwelming obsession with one of a kind rings continues. I praise the Rachel Roy collections season after season merely because her work carries a flirtacious edge pushing fashion boudaries to create the most impeccable pieces. Ladies! When I saw this Octopus cocktail glam ring I immediately fell in love. Sparkles, Pearls… a definate summer must have.

Chic Pick: Louboutin Studded Lace Up Oxfords

Fashionistas are always on the look out for the “it-shoe”. I love oxfords!!! This shoe screams London bloke meets New York glam. This shoe $995 and can be purchased at Bergdorfs. For all the recessionista friendly readers (including me) Steve Madden and other brands has an alternative.

Look Of The Day: Solange Knowles In Boxing Kitten Resort Frock

The Chic Report adores Solange Knowles and wardrobe choices. She was spotted poolside and on the red carpet this weekend while Dj-ing in TAO in Las Vegas. I love the new Boxing Kitten Resort Collection tam tam dress Solange wore. Although I love her hair short ,I’m really feeling this new natural wig she’s wearing.

Cute platform sandals.