Would You Marry An Atheist?

Here’s what Kevin and Makael has to say…

I believe that a husband and wife should share the same values, and by marrying an atheist if you believe in God will shatter your morals as a Christian. DONT WANNA GO ON AND ON! watch the video…subcribe to the show, tell me what you think!

New Episode of The Hills


The HillsMTV Shows

I dont get why Brody went out with Lauren, kissed Whitney now hooked up with Audrina. Lo and Steph is next. LOL J/k…
Interesting epsiode, I think Lauren felt something. After all she kissed all 3 guys on the trip. Love the Hills
Ohhh, Before I forget whats up with Spencer pressing that dude about being a virgin. He’s such a douche. I swear he looks like a wild cat!

Skorpion Has Spoken

Hey Guys, thought this video might be of interest to you.

Perez acts like he’s a damn King! I refuse to read anything on this filthy website.
So Yes Perez, Bye Girl Fly Girl!!!

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Have a Happy Monday…

The Game : The Third Legacy

You’re here to kill me arent you…LOL Cant wait to see the episode where Derwin asked melanie to marry him. Oh and Tasha made an appearance. LOL Love her!

Punk Ass Chauncey
Lazy Ass Chauncey
Naive Ass Chauncey

OMG lol I feel bad for Chauncey

New Hair Do’s

I love the look on Solange, I think its so different and with her sense of style, she will rock it!

Kim, I loved the black hair on you. With the blonde it makes you look like a Beyonce wanna be. Like for real.

i think this look works for Dawn…The layered extensions were becoming too over rated.


Yes people… We did it! We made Obsessed number one in the box office this weekend. I loved the movie…not only because I am a die hard Beyonce supporter but Beyonce took on a new role. It was so different from dream girls and Cadillac records. Although I loved those movies, I really think Papa Knowles should have Beyonce take up more serious Hollywood roles. I do think she has the potential to be the next Angelina Jolie. Love her…if you haven’t seen Obsessed then march to a theatre near you.

The Effects of X Box On The Younger Generation

They say video games can induce a positive mode and enhance creativity, but heres what happens when our youth take x boxing way too seriously. She’s usually cool, calm and collective but she’s a beast at x boxing!!!!

At Kev’s house at 3:22 am sipping on smirnoff and lemonade.