Baby Boom

So I promised myself that I would share this awesome-aweful experience with my readers. Wonder why the use of the oxymoron? Well it accents my state of confusion. On Monday afternoon while I was making my way to work I decided to make a quick stop at Rite Aid which is just across the street from my apartment. I went to get a pair of cute pink jellie headphones lol for my ipod. Keep in mind that rite aid is less than a block away at the four cross. By the time I left my apartment door, crossed the street and walked up to the store I literally passed 7 pregnant women. Its awesome because children are precious jewels from the womb. I’m not a mother but I have younger cousins that bring joy and excitment to my life. Whats aweful is the baby boom in this economic crisis! It is very sad to say but the cost of pregnancy and raring a child is much less than any form of contraceptive! More than half of theses kids are born out of wedlock and are left to feel the brunt of this economic pain! Trust me I would be the last person on earth to point figures at someone who made a choice that would change his or her life. I am a care giver and someone with a frigile heart so it kills me inside when children suffer. If you feel the same way I do or think that I am totally incorrect for saying this Please comment below!