Lauren Conrad Style Book

The Hills star also New York Times Best Selling Author Lauren Conrad has “wowed” us with her successful post Hills projects. We thought the hiatus of her high end designer line self titled “Lauren Conrad” was the end of her career but little did we know her ongoing collaboration with department store Kohl’s has awarded her total respect as a fashion designer. Many baffled at the announcement of her fiction novel LA Candy and Sweet Little Lies (I’ve read and covered both on this blog). Can we say SCORE for Lauren Conrad after this movie deal? Now Lauren is about to release a new book “Lauren Conrad Style”. Lets face it, I’m really not a huge fan of reality stars writing books especially on this sensitive style factor, but if you’re familiar with Lauren’s effortlessly chic ensembles then you would be as amped as I am for this new book. I’m totally getting this style guide by LC. Tell me what you think, would you buy the book and what do you think about Lauren’s personal style?
Lauren at the MTV awards 2008 (loved this dress)
The Hills wrap party at the Hotel Roosevelt
A stunning red carpet look. This is the epitome of chic…. effortless and stylish. Simple, classy and sophisticated.

Kelly Cutrone’s "If you have to cry GO OUTSIDE…And other things your mother never told you…"

Fall collections 2009 my first fashion week ever working behind the scenes. Train traffic is seriously driving my nerves in full gear. I’ve seen The Hills, now I’m about to go to work for the same PR extraordinaire who made Lauren Conrad cry and would tell you like it is in an instant without hesitating. Here I’m I all decked in black, Chanel inspired clutch on my side (ALDO), 4 inch heels, black on black ensemble with golden bedazzling accessories, and the most stylish pair of stockings from American Apparel. The Davidelfin / Peoples Revolution show was one of my first shows at the NY Fashion Week tents. Blackberry in hand and a piece of paper with an off sight address the other, hair bouncing from my fresh blow out. I felt like the ultimate NYC Fashion chick. It was all happening I felt great except my nerves were uncontrollable. The venue must have been at an atelier between 11th and 12 ave there was no way I’d make it in these heels plus my new Steve Madden’s were not for running. Hopped on what had to be the best cab driver in the city who considerately dashed across the avenues so I can make my call time. Its 1:53 made it to the venue and now I’m collecting my credentials… Thank God!!! This could have been the beginning and the end of my fashion career but I made call time!!! I’m a nervous wreck but its time to get it together, I’m ready to work with the Peoples Rev team front of house getting directions from miss Kelly Cutrone herself and although I’m attentive I kept saying in the back of my mind. “I like her! She’s not mean…she has the mind of a business woman”. Her drive was unbelievable! When she spoke directly at me for sitting directions as inspiration showered me. Go on Kelly you have a show to produce! Fast forward to January 2010 walking in to my Fashion PR and Events Planning class and Kelly CutroneKell On Earth” was the main discussion every Tuesday, that’s when I decided I’d give this book a read. I started reading yesterday and I must say this is a GREAT book. I wont give anything away until my official book review (as soon as I’m done reading). Until then find yourself at the nearest book store and pick up a copy. She has a story to tell!

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Lauren Conrad LA Candy "Sweet Little Lies"

When Lauren Conrad tweeted last year that she was coming out with a book 2, I got really excited. For those wondering “who the hell…” LC was the star of the hit MTV reality show “The Hills” and unlike all her cast mates she was the good girl (besides Whitney who left a season prior) with her eyes on the prize. Because of Lauren we went backstage at every fashion show/ event and showed us rookies what to expect as an intern in the industry. Last year she came out with her first novel “LA Candy” a narrative on young hollywood drama. I really enjoyed the first book and was disappointed with the end….well not merely disappointed per say but it left me in much suspense. (Duhhh…thats the objective of an author) Despite what people are saying about her, I support everyone with potential and drive and I would urge most of my readers to pick up the book…. its not what you’re thinking, its nothing about her life or a biography. Im excited about “Sweet Little Lies”, cant wait to see what happens to connivating Madison smh “This is why you need to get the book lol”… FYI she also has a style book coming soon. Keep you posted!

Miss J is The New Author On The Block

In the New York City area on November 10th? Then stop by Barnes & Noble located at 97 Warren Street at 7pm where the runway diva extraordinaire Top Model’s very own Miss J Alexander will be signing copies of his new book: Follow the Model: Miss J’s guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise and Power. The book is for women of all ages to gain poise, confidence while developing a great sense of style.

Book Cover:

Just so you know this book while be sitting in my collection in a matter of days right next to June Ambrose’s “Effortless Style”, Issac Mizrahi’s “How to Style” and Rachel Zoe “Style A to Z”…

Fun Summer Books

Summer is all about having fun but its up to us to incorporate that in everything we do. So every summer I look for a new hobby, I’ve always been an avid reader and I absolutely love narratives no matter what the story line entails. I believe that reading vast amounts of pieces fuels your creativity when writing and expressing ideas. So this summer I made a vow to myself that I would read ATLEAST 50 fun books (Im not half way because Im always on the run) but I dont think I would have read that many books in such a short space of time if I hadnt set this goal for myself. So amongst all the books I’ve read I’m recommending three of them to you guys.

La Candy

by Lauren Conrad

Huge Huge Huge Stereotype! Before I read this book I thought it was a behind the scenes of what really happened on The Hills. Wasnt too interested but I thought I’d support Lauren Conrad and I was so anxious to find out why she left The Hills! So i bought the book and too my surprise its the TOTAL OPPOSITE! This book has drama, its fun, it left me in suspense after every page I read and Im really impressed by LC’s first novel. Nothing like The Hills like people thought it would be…

Hollywood is like HighSchool with Money

by Zoey Dean

Drama!!!! Drama!!! Drama!!! Yes Hollywood drama! This book is about a young girl moving to LA to work with a huge film company and uses her bosses daughters (16 years) to get to the top. While she’s at it hurting everyone in the process! So Hollywood you guys should definately buy it!!!

Confessions of a Shopholic

by Sophie Kinsella

Really cute book if you love fashion and shopping. Im sure everyone has seen the movie!

Chasing Harry Winston…

Chic Book Review:

After months of being showered with dusk bunnies, I finally read this amasing
novel from the author of the Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger’s .

*Its similar to Sex and the City but there’s a different storyline*
The plot is in New York City where three lovely young ladies Leigh, Emmy and Adriana (approaching thirty), earned successful careers but their major factor is finding the man of their dreams.

Leigh an editor at a publishing company fell in love with a famous author and out of love with her boyfriend whose a handsome,successful sports commentator.

Adrina is a grogeous Brazilian beauty who grabs hold of her editorial career at Marie Claire Magazine almost to the end of the novel. Most days she wouldnt spend her time with her gay hairstylist. He brought her to the set of Angelina Jolie’s movie. Thats where she found the love of her life, hollywood producer Tobby.

Emmy another protagonist got her heart broken when her boyfriend broke up with her for a 23 year old virgin cheerleader. She immediatley took the job of a lifetime where she travels all around the world opening restaurants and ofcourse meeting new men.

This book is so amazing, its filled with thematic issue such as success/career, sex,love, friendship and happiness.
The title “Chasing Harry Winston” carries a great deal of symbolic weight.

Book I’m currently reading: Effortless Style by Fashionista Extraordinaire June Ambrose.