Leona Lewis is the New Author on the Block

If you’ve assumed NO this post is not about the incident that happened at the book signing however its about the whole purpose of the signing, that is to reveal her new book entitled “DREAMS”. I’ve been an avid supporter of Leona Lewis and her last album”Spirit” (Better in Time, Bleeding Love and Best you Never Had are my favorites by the way). She has such a unique acoustic sound and charming personality that draws people to her music and whatever project she’s working on. When I heard of her new album and working with Timbaland and all these amazing artists out there, I was too excited. Now she’s releasing her new book which I am also very excited about. If you read a few posts down you would see an article on Alexandra Burke. There is this unique sound about British entertainers that I adore and totally support, so if you’re looking for the ultimate book on motivation and acquiring you dreams (whatever that maybe) you can pick up a copy.

Book Cover!