Michelle Obama for Glamour Magazine

First lady, Michelle Obama will be the face of the December issue of Glamour Magazine and I am excited to get my copy. This red frock and bold metalic necklace is super cute and ultra chic. I can’t wait to read the story behind this shoot! She is my inspiration throughout my journey to success! Team Michelle!!!

Seven West Wing Interns Poses with Michelle Obama

Our first Lady Rocks!
Cant wait for the issue….

Isn’t this touching?

So, Im browsing through youtube and this is what I found. It is rumoured that Beyonce will be performing at the inauguaration. She’s definately not performing Single Ladies guys lets be realistic here LOL no matter how much Sasha and Malia luvs it C’mon…but I’m excited about it wanna see what Michelle Obama’s gonna wear 🙂
…I’m really feeling this, NOT BECAUSE ITS BEYONCE SINGING (although that may be a plus) lol but the lyrics reminds me of the night of November 4th when Barack Obama was elected President, I felt something that I never ever felt before almost tearing up. I looked out and although it was dark out there, it seemed like the dawn of a new day. I could just feel how warm peoples hearts were and for the first time NEW YORKERS were smiling [EVEN ON THE TRAIN AT RUSH HOUR] LOL
So guys listen to the song! cudnt find a better video I’m sorry LOL

What’s Hot In Washington???

President Elect Barack Obama with his wife Michelle Obama and two daughters Malia and Sasha before delivering his victory speech on November 4th.

President Elect Barack Obama (YES WE DID) has allegedly chosen South Dakota’s Senator Thomas A Daschle as secertary of health and human services along with Deputy Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. as attorney general according to the New York Times.

While President elect Obama chooses his cabinet America is anticipating the nomination of Hilary Clinton as Secertary of State.
The Obama administration has also announced that the President elect has also filled other key White House positions including David Axelrod his chief campaign strategist to serve as senior white house advisor.
Thats whats hot in D.C! Until next time…