Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for many things primarily everything God has done , is doing and will continue to do in my life. I can’t single out every blessing but I’m extremely thankful for everyone who supported the blog during the past year of its existence. I’m thankful for every comment, for every RT on twitter, for everyone who become a fan of the page and checked out the blog, I’m thankful for every positive feedback, I’m talking about the kind of feedback that would get me up writing a post because I know my readers are waiting. I can’t say Thank You enough! Next year God willing the blog will take a new direction which I am super excited about. Keep on supporting Chic Report and have a Merry Happy and Prosperous Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Monday!

Hey Lovies…hows everyone doing? Great weather in NYC today! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Just leaving a quick note to say Thank You for viewing my personal space, it means alot to me…like really!!! Hope you guys enjoy the posts…BIG BOMB SHELL!!! (I am working verryyyy hard to make this site official and I’m in the process of deciding what route I would like it to take…With your support I can definately do it…Keep coming back and share the love). Dont forget to check out the archive for my older posts!!!


Dropping a quick fashion post!

Being Fashion forward is making a statement with whatever you rock! No need to remind my girl Solange and our new friend Amber Rose…They got it!!! Lately I’ve been admiring bold leggings…check em out!

Thank you in so many words…

Today I spent the entire day at a photo shoot for the blog that I intern with http://www.she-blogs.com. This just reminded me how much I really want to be an Editor and reinforced the fact that I should keep up the hard work and stay focused. Thank you so much to the viewers and the followers. It means so much to me. The past few days I’ve been taking some “ME” time. Well I’m getting myself a new wardrobe, learning new theories, adopting new habits, doing fun stuff and taking lots of rest. So i must admitt I havent been here 24/7 like I used to. But cjay will be back and she’s giving “chicgossip” a makeover. Pimped out backgrounds, Latest Music, Beautiful Pics, and more inspirational articles. Although I had some ME time I kept the blog in mind the whole time. I also got alot of feedback, some say I’m wasting my time and that most of the people I talk about on the blog doesnt even care if Im alive LOL funny…they dont thats true…but that wont stop me from doing what I love to do and what I choose to write about. Others say that I’m doing a fantastic job and that I need to keep it up…To be honest I’m still figuring out a direction for this blog…BEAUTY? ENTERTAINMENT? FASHION? INSPIRATION? I dont really know but for now I’m just having fun…
Don’t forget to check out the archive…scroll down!!! luv ya’ll…