Lauren Conrad LA Candy "Sweet Little Lies"

When Lauren Conrad tweeted last year that she was coming out with a book 2, I got really excited. For those wondering “who the hell…” LC was the star of the hit MTV reality show “The Hills” and unlike all her cast mates she was the good girl (besides Whitney who left a season prior) with her eyes on the prize. Because of Lauren we went backstage at every fashion show/ event and showed us rookies what to expect as an intern in the industry. Last year she came out with her first novel “LA Candy” a narrative on young hollywood drama. I really enjoyed the first book and was disappointed with the end….well not merely disappointed per say but it left me in much suspense. (Duhhh…thats the objective of an author) Despite what people are saying about her, I support everyone with potential and drive and I would urge most of my readers to pick up the book…. its not what you’re thinking, its nothing about her life or a biography. Im excited about “Sweet Little Lies”, cant wait to see what happens to connivating Madison smh “This is why you need to get the book lol”… FYI she also has a style book coming soon. Keep you posted!

Missed the Show but Caught The Fashion : these are a few of my favorite things

Award Season is finally here and Ofcourse Queen B looks Oh so Stunning! Ok, so I missed the show because I worked Sunday night but I made sure I caught whats Hot on the red carpet! These are a few stars that impressed me!

Hayden Panettierie – Heros

Blake Lively – Gossip Girl

Debra Messing – too numerous to mention LOL latest I’ve seen was The Women.

JLo from the Block needs no introduction

Sexy Eva Longoria – Desperate Housewives

Taraji Henson – Thats a good look for 09…no more hood movies for you dear lady! The Curious Case of benjamin Button

America ferrera – Ugly Betty and if u didnt know then now you know

Vanessa Hudgens – High School Musical

Miley Cyrus ofcourse you know this little miss grown woman! Hannah Montana Star

KeKe In the Spotlight

It seems like yesterday Keke Palmer starred long side academy award actress Angela Bassett in Akeelah and the Bee,and stole our hearts with her perpectuos acting skills. Keke has shared the big screen with Samuel L Jackson, Tyler Perry,Ice Cube and Queen Latifah. She’s definately growing up to be a lovely young lady. Total opposite to Miley Cyrus hope she stays as sweet as she is.

Miley Gushes Over New Boo.

We’ve all heard the rumors about Miley and her new boyfriend and NO this time we’re not talking about Nick Jonas. From singer to underwear model the 16 year old pop star won’t confirm Justin Gaston is her boyfriend. When asked about 20 year old rumored boyfriend on the Ellen Degeneres show, the Hannah Montanna star immediately began to fidget in her chair and laugh nervously prompting viewers to assume that they’re dating. Take a look at this interview…

Paris Hilton…Now That’s Hot!

Many may disagree but every since Paris Hilton went to jail she has been quite good, or can I say better? We’ve been reading less about Paris and her million and one club hits in just one night or her beef with long time bff Nicole Richie. She has proven that there is a philantropic side to her. Earlier this year she gave out an extremely generous donation for the construction of a childrens hospital in Los Angeles.
Then she was spotted in South Africa signing autographs and interacting with the fans.
But whats really hot with Paris and her beau Benji??? Rumors have it that the two have broken up because of Benji’s controlling and overprotective nature. Really??? A source said that the two are still deeply in love but better off as friends. Now THATS HOT! lol