Chic Pick: Patricia Fields Half Finger Leather Gloves

Only a few weeks left till Spring and to our dismay the winter temperatures are at its prime. With all the clothing and layering required for these blizzards it is essential that you look your best at all time even during the cold season and effortless at that. I dont know about you but my hands are the most sensitive to the cold and i go extra to keep them warm and prevent freezer bites and ashiness. Although wearing gloves may look simple the difficult part is choosing the right pair. Of course you’d prefer the thick fleece Antartica feel to your gloves but with the woman on the move it is difficult to wear thick gloves especially with their lack of flexibility. So they’ve invented many style… you know, the huge pocket covering the fingers, then came the fingerless e.t.c, e.t.c. In my opinion I think these are epic fails because either way your hands still feel the brunt of the cold at some point. But dont you worry fashionistas Patricia Fields is here to save you. Leave it to this designer / stylist extraordinaire to create gloves for the “fashionsta-on-the-go”. These leather biker gloves are cute and accessible and comes in two colors black and pink. They look easy to slip on and off and comes in leather which surfaces the cold wind while keeping hands moisturised and warm. These go for $48 a bargaining price for the Sex and the City” type of lady.