Chic Pick: Steve Madden Glitter Pumps

Pump up the volume with these golden glitter pumps from Steve Madden to your next summer soiree. Whenever the fashionista-on-a-budget feels like channeling her inner Carrie Bradshaw a trip to Steve Madden seals the deal. Ofcourse the signature YSL is legendary-chic but in this case its definitely out of the equation. Retails at $139 online and at Steve Madden/Nodstram/Macy’s stores.

Patriotic Chic

Unlike many I do not have any definite plans for the 4th of July celebrations. I’ve been throwing out ideas but truly my plans are always so fragile that I decided to live in the “spur of the moment”. Well its the weekend of major festivities, fireworks, barbeque’s, the beach/pool, rooftop shindigs, and amusement parks all in efforts to show patriotism, or for some just time off  and I can’t stress further how imperative it is to look your best. Despite the occasion I hope you find inspiration in the sets I’ve designed below. The Chic Report just made the colors of the American Flag cool.
1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
3Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

What are your plans for fourth of July weekend? and what will you be wearing? Let us know below!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Chic Pick: Gasoline Glamour Studded Pump

I fall in love with everything glam and a touch of couture. Shoes are my witness especially unique ones which will dazzle up the simplest staple. America’s Next Top Model winner Eva was also part of the BET Awards festivites this past weekend. Gorgeous hair and makeup as well as a simple draped dress but her shoes were what gave her look the ultimate finishing edge. Eva was spotting these spiky grey and sliver pumps which The Chic Report approves. This Gasoline Glamour pump is sold at $3000,00 at
                  These are cute as well… visit Gasoline Glamour and tell me what you think, is it worth the slpurge?

Chic Pick: Louboutin Studded Lace Up Oxfords

Fashionistas are always on the look out for the “it-shoe”. I love oxfords!!! This shoe screams London bloke meets New York glam. This shoe $995 and can be purchased at Bergdorfs. For all the recessionista friendly readers (including me) Steve Madden and other brands has an alternative.

Chic Pick: Steve Madden Clog

I thought it would be fun to add a few chic picks every Tuesday where The Chic Report’s readers could see whats on my style radar and the buzz on the must have trends. Models, celebs and fashionistas alike can’t get enough of the “all nude everything” this spring. The head to toe nude trend will not be completely edged out if not paired with the ultimate “it” shoe. I remember my early teenage years wearing clogs clearly owning about six pairs. I LOVED THEM!( I would get a pair of plain clogs and bedazzle the clear canvas with rhinestones). Well you know in this style era everything ancient is new…revamped and trending again. My Chic Pick for the week is this Steve Madden (DAYNTY) clog that I absolutely love. The fun details like the gommettes and studs sides gives the shoe a more flirty new twist. Any thoughts on this pick? Comment below. Let me know…
Retails for $99.95 online and at Steve Madden stores.

All photos used in this post are readily available on

Trend Alert – Combat Boots

In every sphere of life a girl needs a pair of boots (or booties) that is cute, comfortable and stylish to every extent. Comprehensively, to accomplish these desires, designers have drained their creative juices on a new casual “it-boot” for the typical girl on the run aiming for the punk/rock look. So if you happen to hear the footsteps of an army creeping up behind you stay calm, please donot panic as this will serve as eye candy to the fashionistas with a special place in their heart for vintage inspired footwear. Combat boots have been the “It-Boot” for months now…We’ve seen Rihanna, Keri and Angela Simmons spotting this trend as well as local highend retailers ;Urban Outfitters and Steve Madden. The best thing about wearing the lace up vinatge inspired combat is that a girls choice of clothing will be versatile, I mean everything from jeans to dresses and blazers to tshirts.

What do you think about this trend? Do you own a pair of combats? How long will this “it-boot” remain hot? I wanna hear your thoughts…. Comment below

Trend Alert: Prep-Chic

For most of you, school days are over… I remember the days of dressing up my uniforms wearing
my skirts a couple inches shorter, tighter shirts, wearing accessories even though they weren’t appropriate and were against the school rules. I lived for giving my uniforms a sassy twist.Glad these
days are over and I can do absolutely anything in the name of fashion to become the utimate prepstar! Yes! thats without a trip to the principals officie. Creating this simple/classy/quirky look is easier than you’d think. Channel your inner stylist and choose daring colors and patterns that compliment each other. Vintage inspired blazers/ sweaters and caridigans will also put the edge to your look. Never forget to accessorise! Sunglasses, Bracelets, or a Handbag will finish the look…. For more inspiration watch Gossip Girls and pay close attention to fashionistas like Angela Simmons and Taylor Swift…..

Are you inspired by Ang and Taylor’s outfits??? The Chic Report has something that will help you acquire the look! In no time you will be PREPPY! CHIC and SEXY!!!