Couture Entertainment

Entertainers are definately letting their haute creative juice flow with their recent couture inspired themes for their shoots. Like seriously, I dont think I can ever shun metalics, lace flourishes, crystals, sequins, chains or satins because they definately make me happy. Its a great thing when the entertainment industry embrace fashion and comprehend its art. Not only does it boost their image but the smallest uncountable things like album sales and appearances. Who ever said you cant judge a book by its cover is in hiding! With that being said look out for “Telephone” divas Gaga and Beyonce while they’re leave their hearts and their heads on the dance floor. The newest Barbie off the shelf Nicki Minaj on the cover of Right On! (styling by Fatima B) and Kelis while she recalaims her crown from Rihanna…(lol…)