Heart on My Sleeve!

I’m sure you heard the saying “Im carrying my heart on my sleeve”…Well Miss Aubrey O’Day former Danity Kaner is literally carrying hearts on her sleeve with her new collection. Now I must say…IM VERY IMPRESSED! We all know what went down with Aubrey on Making The Band (well after the deleted scenes) so Im really happy to see her getting by on her own. She took Diddy’s advice “Never sleep!!!”. Enough said here’s a peak of the fun flirty “Heart on my Sleeve” collection!

“Dream to Love”

“Dare to Love”

“Recycled Love”

“When it was over she decided to never speak again. Only to sing” – Cute

“I’ve faked it”

“Give me a reason to Love”

“I believe in fairytales”

“After a thousand words said, we could never understand what was in each others heads”

Im Sleeping with the enemy!



Pet Apparel

“My Dad is a Rockstar”

“My Mom is Single”


“Turn me on”


Cute Aubrey Lets hope you stay off the playboy pages and stick to it!

Im impressed….

Check out her website at

Letoya Luckett Lady Love

I’m not sure which one is the official cover because I havent had the chance to purchase it as yet…but family, Im super excited about Letoya Luckett’s Lady Love album. I’ve heard 3 songs on it so far and I’m obsessed. “Not anymore”,”Regret” and “She aint got Shit on me”…

Lovely Letoya

i post them both because they’re too cute! Lovely shoot girl!

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Send her your love and Please get the album!

Rhi Rhi is a Bad Bishhhhh!!!!

Rihanna graces the cover of September issue of the Italian Vogue! “Disturbiarish”
Dontcha Think?
Ri Ri was spotted at Da Silvano “Greenwich Village NYC”…Look ultra FAB!

GaGa Gone Gucci

Lady GaGa landed herself an ad campaign for Gucci! With a number one album now endorsement deals? Lets see whats next for LadyGaGa…

FYI…I’m still a little disturbed about LadyGaGa’s attire! Like she’s never wearing pants or anything she’s always in a cat suit where ever she goes…Lets see what free stuff this Gucci endorsement will send her way. Finally she can put some clothes on. Love her music though!

September Issues!

If you’re a die hard magazine reader like Mio then you too should be excited about the September issues…September is like New Years or Christmas in the fashion industry!!! Our favorite magz carry all the juicy eye candy! If you havent seen the covers then here they are…

Instyle: Jennifer Lopez

Lucky: Mandy Moore

Marie Claire: Ashley Olsen

Essence: Gabrielle Union

Seventeen: Selena Gomez

Vainty Fair: Michael Jackson R.I.P

Harpers Bazaar: Leighton Meester

Shape Magazine: Laren Conrad

Elle: Jennifer Aniston

Glamour: Jessica Simpson

Cosmopliton: Kristen Bell

Missing….Vogue, Teen Vogue and Allure Magazines. Will post soon!

Lola Marc Jacobs

I’m pretty sure that I’m NOT the only one deeply in love with Marc Jacobs fragrances…So I went to Bloomies last week to add something unqiue to my perfume collection. For s ome obvious reason I went directly to the Marc Jacobs counter. I love his products!!! My Brown Bag carried nothing but Lola which is the newest fragance out of his collection. If you loved Daisy then I’m sure you will love Lola. The scent is so unique and soothing. You’ll walk out your house feeling like a million bucks…Plus its a really nice decorated piece for your dresser!

Movie Review: Julie and Julia

BONJOUR! LOL ….If you’ve seen this movie then you definitely know that it was worth your dime and your time. Starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams Julie and Julia which is based on two true stories. Julie (Amy) which is a frustrated Secretary gets her hands on Julia Child’s cookbook “Mastering the Arts of French cooking” and decides to cook five hundred and twenty four french recipes in one year. She documents her experiences through her blog sharing with her readers that there is much more to cooking. Jovial Julia Child on the other hand brings the entertainment to your screen. If you havent seen this movie then you should definately check it out at a theatre near you.

Competitve Juila Child. (Meryl Streep)

Julie’s Mission Accomplished.

Movie Trailer
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Hope u enjoy!