Michelle Obama for Glamour Magazine

First lady, Michelle Obama will be the face of the December issue of Glamour Magazine and I am excited to get my copy. This red frock and bold metalic necklace is super cute and ultra chic. I can’t wait to read the story behind this shoot! She is my inspiration throughout my journey to success! Team Michelle!!!

Seven West Wing Interns Poses with Michelle Obama

Our first Lady Rocks!
Cant wait for the issue….

Michelle Obama

Michelle O has style even when she’s double dutching and getting all sporty. Her hair has this gloss, her attire is soo neat and put together but she’s not afraid to get down with the games. She’s my style icon for the week…

I love her…

Michelle Obama has Style!

OK, so tell me why I’m I just falling in love with every outfit Michelle Obama steps out in? I’m constantly finding myself examining every single outfit she wears and she is definitely becoming one of my idols. Stylistically Speaking…She’s definitely supporting the fashion industry giving the designers the much needed publicity. Check out her outfits and tell me what you think?

Remember my post on exaggerating your pearls making them Chunky and Chic? Prime Example by our First Lady…Holla 🙂