Chic Pick: Alexander Wang Sachel Bag

After the studded duffle bag Alexander Wang went down in our Notebook as “One of the best handbag designers”… Take notes, because if this Sachel vintage bag doesnt catch your eye then you probably need to retake Chic 101. The excess strapping and it’s the perfect size for the girl on the go!
Is it splurge worthy? or do you think there are some great steals out there?
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Zoe Kravitz for Alexander Wang

She was Vera Wang’s princess in a purple lucid bottle, now she’s spicing up the volume with model Max Motta for T by Alexander Wang Fall 2010 campaign. What do you think?
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Trend Alert: Foot-Ball Chic

Its Monday night only a few hours post the grand superbowl festivities and I’m checking in with some chic news. Its no surprise that the latest “in-thing” is to raid the closet of your close male friend, wear his bland staples and style it up a notch. Lets try to stay away from his boxers and undershirts and focus on his old tees, sweats/cardigans and blouses, something oversized, cute and casual. If he gives you full permission to keep these clothes then its time to get creative. Cut off sweaters shoulders or waste area and show off that toned stomach. Wearing pieces especially designed for men should look effortless, to prevent the cost of a fashion faux pas, so it is important that you stick to one piece unless you’re really good at layering. During the warm seasons I see girls pull off the look from head to toe and with my little experience in retail women actually shop in the guys section for pieces. Is it that guys clothing are cooler than what’s late in womens wear? or nowadays women have graduated from form fitting casual ensembles to the relaxed “if i were a boy” inspired look? If you follow trends as much as I do then you will see a similar thread between whats on the runway and everyday street style. If you dont and you are a guy with a very versatile, chic or stylish wardrobe take my advice and get a lock and key for your closet and keep your jewlery especially snake skin belts in a safe. The ladies are style hungry for whatever they can find in your closet and desperately they dont really care how many times its been worn as long as its in good condition they will surely rock it! The mens-closet-raid epedmic is getting even crutial and creative as the seasons prolong. Alexander Wangs 2010 Spring collection was inspired by football gear and took the risk of sending his models down the runway in oversized everything in the typical male undertone hues. This look made a TOUCHDOWN in industry’s news and Im glad to see fashionistas joining the football chic bangwagon and breaking the status quo….
Looks from Alexander Wang Spring 2010 collection

Alexander Burke former X factor winner on the set of her music video for “Broken Heels”.

Hope you enjoyed the post and Congrats the the New Orleans Saints for winning the SuperBowl and inspiring this post…

The Hills got Style!

Remember on the second episode of the new season of The Hills Heidi and Spencer throw a party where both Kristin and Stephanie bumped heads? MTV did a close up on Kristin’s purse while entering the car which I obviously caught. Ok, what about Stephanie visiting Heidi and Spencer’s new home? These two purses caught my attention to I decided to do a little investigation.

Kristin Cavallari spotted in Alexander Wang.

The Olsen sister was spotted with the same purse! Cute huh?


Stephanie Pratt in Mui Mui