Halle Berry on Tyra

Halle Berry visits the Tyra Show and ofcourse Tyra brings out the best in these celebs. Remember Kelly’s burps and Beyonce’s bone? Exactly, now watch this snippet to find out Halle Berry’s favorite curse word.


LOL Love them …

Source: www.tyrashow.com


Tyra Looks Fierce

Tyra Bank (my big sister in my head) launched an online magazine in September called Tyra: Beauty Inside and Out which focuses on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The magazine is designed to help women of all ages control their destiny and take charge of their future. I gave the magazine a visit earlier today and I cant help but notice how fierce Tyra looks in these shots. She’s definitely following the footsteps of Oprah, breaking down barriers and making dreams comes true.

Go Tyra B!

Beyonce Uncut On Tyra LOL

I missed this part but Thank God for Youtube! LOL

and Oh she told Beyonce about her new boo John Utendahl AWWWWWWWWWW