The Game : The Third Legacy

You’re here to kill me arent you…LOL Cant wait to see the episode where Derwin asked melanie to marry him. Oh and Tasha made an appearance. LOL Love her!

Punk Ass Chauncey
Lazy Ass Chauncey
Naive Ass Chauncey

OMG lol I feel bad for Chauncey


New Episode of The Game

I hope this baby isnt Derwins urrghh!
Enjoy it!

Game Fever!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO

So there are sooo many rumors going around that the game has been cancelled. Its all over the place INCLUDING FACEBOOK! I thought this rumor was true until this…

So pass this on people. The Game is a really good show and we need ur support. I say we because I’m a Gamaholic!

New Epsiode Of The Game

If you’re following this and have been waiting for this epsiode…My apologies! I thought I posted it! Enjoy

Thank God for Youtube

Take A Bow

My Crack Is Back and Im Loving My Life

Awww 😦 For some reason it hurts me when men cry!

Bitter – Sweet Episode

Im Tryna put you to bed bed bed…That dance lol Go on with ur bad self boy!

LOL LOL LOL … This is one of the funniest episodes this season LOL…Im a Game Fanatic I know!