Street Style: Paris

I’m a sucker for street style, you should know this. You know the whole “Model-off-Duty” look, mixing and matching effortless ensembles. I am also in love with the city of Paris and fashion house Chanel; this is why I’m an avid reader of . Do you just love the uneventful look of the famous Chanel handbag. Uber Chic!

Lily Allen for Chanel Handbag Collection

Lily Allen is one of my favorite British artisits I’m so glad to see her in the new ad campaign for Chanel handbag Collections…Cute pics below

Congrats Lily

Briana Bigham for B Marie

Remember Briana from BET’s Reality Show Harlem Heights? Well,if you did then you already knew that she is a hand bag designer. She debuted her B Marie collection recently take a look at her work.

Cute Stuff Girl….Can’t wait to see the new collection…