How To Pair Colored Solid Pieces

Photo credit: Byju Devan  
A fashion faux pas goes a long way and if this were anything like the era a few seasons ago, both Rihanna and Blake Lively would be under arrest in the latter pages of US Weekly’s Fashion Police. I remember the days when mix-match outfits were a no-go. Too much color in one ensemble were for clowns and its counter parts at the circus. Too bad this generation of style is throwing rules and regulations out the door and pushing envelopes to express themselves. The fashionably inclined hit series Gossip Girls, raising fashion icon and the tastemakers behind Gucci’s Spring 2011 gives pairing bold colored solid it’s stamp of approval. You know, the go ahead to pair a royal blue trouser with a shimmery gold blazer like Blake while filming an episode of GG in Paris or Rihanna’s high wasted orange pants and a purple cropped sweater while doing her usual catwalk meets sidewalk in Europe. The key to wearing these pieces isn’t magic, however there are factors to keep in mind while excecuting the look. When it comes to pairing bold colored solids less is more, that means little to no accessories will be just fine. We’re in an era where most of the rules of dressing are out the window but this one is a keeper: WEAR PIECES THAT COMPLIMENTS YOUR FIGURE. Rihanna made it okay to walk around with a beautifully toned stomach and it definitely works for her, but let me put it like this, it’s not for everyone. Try tucking your blouse like Blake or throw on accessories (not necessarily jewelry). Multicolored pieces are out of the equation, keep the bold solid pattern throughout your ensemble, take this model lead spotted on the runway at Gucci’s Spring 2011 runway show. Thoughts?

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