Haute Couture: Jessica Alba en CHANEL

 Haute Couture collections are underway in Paris and some of our favorite style savvy celebrities are out there gracing front seat of these high end designer shows. I will post a few here as the week progresses, as fashionistas/ style addicts/ trend innovators I think you will enjoy the Haute Couture posts.
Jessica Alba is wearing a white mini frock straight off the runway of Chanel’s Spring 2010 RTW collection.
Pictured on IMG model Lara Stone to the right.

4 Comments on “Haute Couture: Jessica Alba en CHANEL”

  1. MiamiOlivia says:

    Jessica Alba’s creamy complexion and chestnut hair show off the gossamer details of this Chanel frock better than on Lara Stone!

  2. Federica F. says:

    Jessica Alba is wonderful but this dress… not a lot :/

  3. Ponielise says:

    i lots of thanks for your comment! 🙂 i like yours too, yeah we can help with fashion stuff, we keep on touch have a great day! pd. i dont like this dress so much either haha but i love the chanel clogs

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