Deola Sagoe Designer Exhibiton

Not everyone who shares some sort of interest in the fashion industry recieves invites to designer shows at the tents. I mean ofcourse, thats understood this is why it mentains its value but I’m sure designers would love for everyone to see their collections especially the up and coming. Arise Magazine is an African publiction hosting shows for upcoming as well as established african/african American designers during New York Fashion Week. Last week Saturday three up-and-coming African brands, Black Coffee, Deola Sagoe and Loin Cloth and Ashes took Byrant Park by storm showing off their creative cultural achievements in such a global setting. I remembered last year Fall 2009 shows ARISE was my first show at the tents and my first time ever being backstage and all of a sudden I look to my left and Grace Jones (yes…the Grace Jones) was standing next to me. #faints. This is where I fell in love with African designers and went back to work their show for the Spring 2010 collections where I met and saw some amazing people. I was disappointed however this time around because I thought Niomi Campell’s Fashion for Releit: Haiti was scheduled at the time time as ARISE. (#dont
I recieved an invite from Deola Sagoe’s PR people to come in to LOFT on 5th to view the collection during the exhibition and I immediately grabbed the oppurtunity. The sole purpose of the exhibition was so that people who didnot make it to the show could have a chance to view the collection up close and have a chance to meet the designer herself.  I fell in love with a few pieces from the collection especially its metalic and lace flourishes, embroided slim pants, statement shoulders and embroided appliques. Nigeran designer Deola Sagoe may have made her Mercedez Benz Fashion Week debut on Saturday but this creative genius holds quite a resume. With numerous awards, nominations and appointings including one by Andre Leon Talley of US VOGUE (read for bio) Deola Sagoe is proving herself as one of the Africa’s top designers and have previously showcased on the runway her collection along side world renowned fashion houses such as Chanel Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren. (thats huge) Here’s a look at the pieces from the exhibition …
I absolutely adore these pieces. The details are top notch! What do you think? For more of Deola Sagoe click the link above to view her official website.
(Excuse a few of my pics…took them with my personal camera)

2 Comments on “Deola Sagoe Designer Exhibiton”

  1. FashionAddik says:

    Visiting via IFB…. I think I would have passed out if I saw Grace Jones…lol…

  2. Chantal says:

    Thank You for visiting! Grace Jones is amazing!

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