Viktor & Rolf: Menswear

Paris Fashion Week culminated their menswear shows this past week where the boys made their way down the runways in the worlds most expensive pieces. The event saw strong Fall collections and if there is one that stood out well ofcourse its Viktor & Rolf. The “minimalist” yet “over the top” ensembles not only regin in womenswear for the designer but also the mens couture collections. V&R sent out fusion and details that looked incredible: Many blazers layered with sweaters and cardigans, as well as soft plaid patterns in button downs paired with dressy slacks. The collection was themed dark but held ravishing hues of cream, grey and black. At the edge off the preppy chic ensembles are those black frammed glasses….Super cute! This collection will definately serve as inspiration to the classic, stylist gentleman. Cant wait to see whats new with their Fall couture collections in wear.


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