What’s a better way to start off a new and productive year but with a feature on a young and talented Fashion Photographer by the name of Ali Evans. It is not very often that I meet people with a pocket full of aspirations like myself, so you could image how astounding it was to get to know the man behind the lens more professionally. Unlike many rookie’s in the industry Ali knows his craft and carries with him a heavy resume and groundbreaking experience in field of fashion photography. Graduated with a degree in Film Production and showered with the L.A. film experience he is ready and willing to conquer the world of art. Here’s his one on one!

1.Describe yourself in one sentence.
Driven, innovative and complex, did you say a sentence or adjectives? I like adjectives better 🙂

2. When did you realise that Fashion Photography was your calling?
During my freshman year in college I worked at the Gap and during that time I was developing an eye for fashion.
One of the members of the visual merchandising team was a photographer, and me I fell in love with the art, and I knew
this is something I wanted to do.

3. What is your inspiration?
I am inspired by everything and anything from films, music and even every day people I meet on the street, but right now
I must be honest when I say Rhianna is one of my current inspirations. I respect the fact that she is staying true to her art and doing
what makes her happy. Her style is dark and edgy and I love that.

4. Name 2 people in the industry you would like to work with and why.
Well Rhianna for one, I’m pretty sure that was obvious and also male model Chad White, he’s represented by Major Models
I’ve seen his work and I just think he brings something fresh and new to the industry.

5. How do you perfect your craft as a photographer?
By not conforming to industry standards, Fashion photography is an art form and you can’t put any limitations or restrictions on art.
The funny thing is I actually watch more films than I read fashion magazines. I like to watch films by Italian Horror director Dario
His movies are all about angles and colors.

6. Give us a summary of your work.

I have shot for agencies like Vision and L.A and Boss, as well as MTV personalities. I really enjoyed working with Male Model turned actor Drew Van Acker at the time that I shot him he was represented by Vision L.A.

7. As a fashion photographer you have an exceptional eye for ………………?
black and white photography, I feel that black and white photos are timeless, and always convey a lot of emotion

8. Where do you see your self professionally in the next 5 years?
To be honest I don’t know because I have always been involved in different aspects of art, such as acting and even hip-hop dancing
but it will definitely be art related. I’m not your typical blue collar kind of guy

9. How can interested readers get intouch with you?
Well my website should be up shortly, but for the time being feel free to drop me an e-mail, I am always open to feedback and remember “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”.

This is Chic Report’s First Interview…Many More to Come! Hope you guys enjoy it! Be inspired! Thoughts? Comment!!!

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