Leotard Chic

Throughout the year 2009 we’ve seen alot of trends but our most fashionable celebs has made the Leotard street chic. Yes, I’m talking about Lady Gaga and recently PCD’s Melody Thorton actually parading the streets with the Leotard look. Beyonce wore her her bedazzled Theiry
Mugler piece on stage during her I Am tour while performing her Sasha Fierce hits. Likewise, Rihanna and Ciara followed this trend, but is it a hit or a miss? I absolutely love the leotard look. I think you need the confidence and the body to wear them. But please don’t walk the streets wearing no pants. AND PLEASE wear stockings!

I created this set for the Leotard lovers …but please dont walk the street like this.



One Comment on “Leotard Chic”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I believe Madonna started this trend in her “Hung Up” video. But I guess you could even go back to 1987 when she began to wear only corsets, stilettos, and fishnets on stage. Just a little FYI.

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