Dirty Money’s "Love Come Down" …

“Dirty Money” the name alone makes me cringe and whose bright idea was this? Who else but Diddy! However I must say that I love the hook of “Love Come Down” only because its sung by the two ladies in this group. Like honestly, I hope I dont sound too cold but why didnt Bad Boy give Dawn Richards a solo deal? I feel like all her talent is being shunned by Diddy’s big ego. I mean it was nice that he kept her but Dawn could be doing so much more with all that talent. Atleast as a member of Danity Kane she had her own identity and all the females were equal but now her entire spotlight is taken up by Diddy. This is just how I feel and Dawn is the only reason I’m supporting Dirty Money. Looking on the brighter side of things Dirty Money released their new music video for Love Come Down today. My explanation above is exactly what I think about this video. Dawn looks cute though and her vocals are on point. Love her …



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