Giuseppe for Balmain

Rihanna and Wendy Williams are obviously inspired by Giuseppe’s designs. First RiRi made an appearence at the retail store during new York Fashion Week’s Fashion Night Out. Now Wendy Williams walked the red carpet with this Giuseppe boot while attending Ne-Yo’s birthday party in NYC over the weekend. In this industry there is something new to learn every day. And recently I’ve learned that Giuseppe designs for Balmain.Nice! (You know the same way Marc Jacobs designs for Louis Vuittion and Max Azria for BCBG). I adore this boot, the feathers and crystals adds a vintage feel to it. Cute!

You can purchase these boots for $2,280 .00
from Wendy Williams at Ne-Yo’s Birthday Party

Rihanna with Giuseppe Zanotti at NYFW Fashion Night Out!

Rihanna makes everything super trendy.


One Comment on “Giuseppe for Balmain”

  1. SoPhie says:

    yea these boots are hot. Wendy was also wearing them on fashion night out at the store before Rihanna came in

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